Benefits of Alcohol and Cannabis

Cannabis oil contains Cannabidiol or CBD. This is a compound that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant. Similarly, Everclear is a line of products of Luxco. This is created from pure grain alcohol. Both in pure form have several industrial and medicinal uses. Research in recent years has shown that CBD can offer a range of health benefits. Have you ever wondered whether it is safe to use cannabis oil-based products, along with alcohol? In this area again, the effects can be good.

About CBD and Pure Grain Alcohol

The psychoactive properties associated with marijuana usage are mainly due to the active ingredient called THC which is found in cannabis. However, full extraction cannabis oil which is found in cannabis plants has several beneficial properties. Of course, in order to make it beneficial, it needs to be mixed with carrier oils such as hemp seed, olive, palm, or coconut oil.

Similar is the case with Everclear grain alcohol. This is a rectified spirit that is manufactured by Luxco. Made from pure grain alcohol, it has an alcohol concentration of about 60% to 95% in volume. The high alcohol concentration of this product makes it viable for select product manufacturing such as tinctures and household cleaning agents.

What Happens if You Mix Them Up?

Research findings show that consuming Everclear alcohol in diluted form and in contention with CBD-based products can help amplify the effects of each in the human body. CBD products are known to promote relaxation as well as reduce inhibitions. They help calm the nerves and reduce anxiety. If alcohol is taken along with CBD products it can help increase sedation and sleepiness in people. Of course, CBD should be taken in prescribed doses. Also, pure grain alcohol should not be directly consumed.