Certified Organic Cane Alcohol

Alcohols are adaptable, high quality oxygenated chemical solvents that offer unusual combinations of solubility and solvency. They are completely or at least partially miscible with water and may dissolve a variety of polar substances, including other organic solvents.

Organic alcohol is used as solvent because it can dissolve organic substances and as well as inorganic substances. Alcohol is an organic solvent since it is an organic substance. This is mostly caused by O-H polar bonding, which permits intense hydrogen bonding and results in solubility.

The organic cane ethanol that Extractohol sells is made from sugar cane that is harvested mechanically from the cane plant .Ethyl alcohol is created by fermenting and distilling cane sugar. The finished product is separated from other ingredients and purified using a multistage distillation process. Organic cane alcohol is an environment friendly alcohol.

Extractohol sells 100 proof organic cane alcohol which is useful for alcohol based herbal extracts. In order to create a safe, effective 100 proof organic cane solution, which is just the right strength for efficiently extracting all of the desired flavonoids from the plant without having an excessively "alcoholic" sting on the tongue. The company’s organic alcohol is made from certified neutral organic cane alcohol. Organic cane alcohol requires simpler process t produce than corn based ethanol.

190 Proof Certified Natural Organic Extractohol (Food Grade). Organically grown sugarcane is fermented and then distilled to produce cane alcohol. The alcohol has a clean colour and few impurities. Extractohol-O is 190 Proof Natural Cane Food Grade NOP Certified Alcohol. Due to its purity, extractohol has practically no displacement when applied to plants. In addition to natural essential oils, it is great for making tinctures, fragrances, RSO/FECO, and culinary extracts.