Outline Information about 200 Proof Ethyl Alcohol and Where to Buy Ethyl Alcohol

200-proof ethyl alcohol, also known as absolute ethanol, is a type of alcohol that is 100% pure, containing no water or impurities. It is often used in scientific, medical, and industrial applications, as well as in the production of alcoholic beverages and tinctures. Due to its high purity, it is also utilized as a solvent in laboratories and industries where precise concentrations are required. However, its high potency also makes it extremely flammable and volatile, necessitating cautious handling and storage.

Where to Buy Ethyl Alcohol: Consider the Following Sources:

Chemical Suppliers:

Many chemical supply companies offer various grades of ethyl alcohol, including 200 proof ethyl alcohol. They cater to industrial, research, and educational institutions.  Your online search for “Where to Buy Ethyl Alcoholcan provide you with the ideas about many online and offline sources to buy premium quality ethyl alcohol.

Pharmaceutical Suppliers:

Some pharmaceutical suppliers provide ethyl alcohol for use in compounding medications and other pharmaceutical processes.

Online Retailers:

Several online platforms specialize in selling various grades of ethyl alcohol, including 200 proof ethyl alcohol. Ensure that you're purchasing from a reputable source and that the product meets your intended use.

Liquor Distributors:

In some regions, it might be possible to find 190-proof grain alcohol, which is commonly used for making herbal extracts and tinctures. However, further purification might be needed to obtain 200-proof.


Keep in mind that the sale of high-proof ethyl alcohol might be regulated in your area due to its potential misuse. Check local laws and regulations before attempting to purchase it.

When purchasing ethyl alcohol, consider the intended purpose and safety precautions. Due to its high potency and flammability, handling, storage, and transportation should be conducted with proper safety measures to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of users.

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