Things to Know About Alcohol Extraction

Alcohol is often used for extraction methods for cannabis for creating cannabis concentrates and oil. The best alcohol for extraction is ethanol or isopropyl.

Extraction from Plants

190 proof ethyl alcohol is used by professional labs for performing ethanol extraction in large volumes using the process of spirit distillation, solvent recovery process, and steam distillation. Using it is an affordable solution to produce a high-quality extract from a massive quantity of plans. This extraction method can be used in cold, as well as warm methods for extracting through the process of distillation. It can produce a large volume in just an hour.

Making Cannabis Concentrates with Alcohol: Things You Need to Know

For the extraction of cannabis oil using alcohol, all you need is a weed, a strainer of some kind, a heating device, some heat-safe dishes, something to mix it with, and grain alcohol with high-proof levels.

In case you are thinking about why alcohol is used to extract cannabis from the raw plant, you should know that it is because alcohol’s chemical nature works really well as a solution to strip or pull the active compounds from the nuggets. When the cannabis is removed from the weed, all it needs to do is evaporate, and you will be left with a sticky, thick, and strong residue of cannabis concentrate.

Here is a comprehensive list of materials that you are going to need if you have to make a cannabis concentrate;

  • A wire strainer or mesh.
  • Cannabis flower.
  • Food grade alcohol.
  • Coffee filters that are unbleached.
  • A source of heat that does not use open flames.

It is possible to concentrate on your own when you have these materials.