151 Proof Alcohol Leaves Less Residual When Used to Make Tinctures and Essential Oils!

There is a wide range of benefits that the food grade alcohol can bring for us on the use. But before that we must know a few things about the alcohol that we mostly think that present in alcoholic beverages. Most of the time, we think that alcohol or ethanol is used to make the alcoholic beverages! When you use to intake the strong beverages, you can really feel the presence of alcohol. When the alcohol is in its pure form, this remains undrinkable. But once this is merged to prepare the beverages, it can be consumed easily and safely. 190 proof alcohol announced by Extractohol is now drawing most attention. This is also called as the pure grade or food-grade alcohol and can be used for a wide range of purposes apart from making the beverages that carry alcohol percentage.

In reality proof alcohol is a measurement method that was first used in UK. But after that they have started to follow the ABV or alcohol by volume method to determine the alcohol percentage in a beverage. But in US, the proof alcohol is still followed as a measurement method to determine the alcohol percentage. If you are looking for the 151 proof alcohol, then you have come to the right place!

When it comes to the making of essential oils, herbal oils, tinctures, culinary extracts and oils for aromatherapy, the 190 proof alcohol is often considered as the first choice. So, the question is what 151 proof alcohol is used for these purposes. When this type of proof alcohol is used, it leaves very less residual while extracting the oils and tinctures. Due to this reason, the extracted oils and culinary extracts remain very pure and efficient. It’s the 190 proof alcohol which is also known for its purity and efficient level.