We are a professional team offering engineering solutions, highly skilled in CAD and mechanical design services that combine our innovative thinking and mechanical engineering background to create unique designs, to improve existing design, and to develop them from a simple concept or idea to manufacturing.

Our expertise allows our customers to stay focused on their own goals as we efficiently handle their design requirements, drafting and detailing, and 3D CAD modeling.

ASCENSOMIX CRAIOVA provides the latest design and manufacturing solutions to make your design and manufacturing development processes faster, better and more efficient, focusing also on quick turnaround, quality, data confidentiality and competitive cost. Our customers will be treated fairly, they will receive their services on time, and their invoices will match the estimates.

Our engineers, designers and drafters have relevant and proven skills in the engineering design field, and know-how in the latest technology and the most used software packages such Creo (former Pro/Engineer), Inventor, SolidWorks, AutoCAD or FreeCAD. They gained their experience from a wide variety of projects for leading companies, which gives them the ability to generate accurate assembly drawings and part details.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and we are working hard to have our customers recognizing our leadership in providing quality and promptitude of our services. We are aware of the multitude of independent players in today’s crowded market, and we strive to differentiate by totally satisfying the customer.


ASCENSOMIX CRAIOVA is a professional mechanical design team of freelancers (mechanical design engineers, mechanical designers, drafters/detailers) with extensive experience in various industries that can deal with any level of complexity in the mechanical design development field. Our engineers work with clients since 1993, to develop the designs at every stage, from simple sketches to production.

We are focusing on providing our engineering design consultancy service to form long term business relationships and deliver innovative design solutions to their mechanical engineering projects.

Our experienced engineering design consultants offer full CAD design services, such 2D drafting detailed manufacturing/production drawings from existing 3D models, paper to CAD drawings conversion, creating brand new 3D models from sketches or drawing, designing new parts and assemblies, reverse engineering, and other mechanical design services requested by our clients.

ASCENSOMIX CRAIOVA is able to service all design projects regardless of their size, and there is no project being too big or too small.

We are helping companies address their most pressing product development challenges, enabling them to compete and be successful more effectively in the marketplace when struggling with global processes, and multiple projects.

Our team based in Craiova – Romania, is specializing in Creo (former Pro/Engineer), Autodesk (AutoCAD, Inventor) SolidWorks, and FreeCAD.


We specialize in providing cutting-edge mechanical design engineering services for new product development and concept generation services, mechanical part design, sheet metal design, plastic design, die cast design, reverse engineering, mechanical assembly drawings, high quality drafting and designing services, and more.

ASCENSOMIX CRAIOVA guarantees precision and accuracy for any project, and our professionals serve demanding customers around the globe.

We provide the final output in an easily accessible and editable parametric format that allow you to make easy changes at any stages of your projects.

Over the years we have developed excellent business relationships with our customers, supplying high quality, professional services, on time and within customer budgets, which helps us having repetitive business.


Development of new products from a basic idea to production

Our team will work with you throughout the whole process of New Product Development to reduce risks and help your investment. We are very client focused, open, honest and direct in our advice, because we want you to achieve success so that you return again to work with us.

You can expect from us a complete product development service that is highly flexible to suit our client’s requirements. We can work with you at any stage of your development process, either from start to finish, or just specific portions you may need extra help with your projects. Based on your choice, we will always advise to ensure things go well.

We have skilled design team members, and their experience can help our clients to significantly increase product demand and reduce their costs.

Per our client’s request, we can suggest and work with a wide range of the manufacturers that we have a close business relationships with, which are keeping us up to date with best manufacturing practices, so our clients can gain advantage over their competitors on cosmetic appearance, functionality and often prices too.



R & D (Research and Development)

Our engineers and designers take a detailed approach to design projects at the conceptual stage to fully understand all the requirements of the end user, but also the commercial requirements of the client. We are using the input from the client’s marketing people to establish the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the user and identify areas of commercial opportunity. Our clients usually get multiple concepts for their new projects, and make the final decision about which one fits best their plans.


Our experienced and talented team rapidly brainstorms ideas, generates 2D sketches or slideshow presentations for the customer’s review in the earliest stage of a project. Early discussions ensure that valuable time is saved by driving the projects on the best path, and both our team and the client’s team remain focused on the development of the right ideas. We create basic 3D models for validating the initial ideas and evaluate aesthetic qualities, that customer may use for making a final direction for the project. The preliminary documents are being created using cutting edge virtual prototyping tools for visualizing concepts, create high quality rendering and presentations.


Our mechanical design team is utilizing the new product development knowledge and experience gained in different industries to work on projects in totally unrelated sectors.

Customers benefit from the rapid introduction of this knowledge for improving their products or processes and develop increased gains from their design investment. We design mechanical parts with an intuitive and flexible user interface, from sketching parts in an assembly context to iterative detailed part design, for parts of various complexities, from simple to advanced and complex geometries.

We can either create the complete mechanical part design for your new product, or make modifications and improvements to your existing mechanical design.

Our combination of experienced engineers, designers and design tools allows ASCENSOMIX CRAIOVA to deliver you a mechanical design that is optimized for functionality and manufacturing.


The sheet metal industry has gone through many changes for years, including important automation changes in the area of punching, shearing and nesting processes for sheet metal components.

Our team is fully aware of sheet metal manufacturing techniques and design having in mind all the latest processes. We create 3D sheet metal components and assemblies then generate the 2D detailed drawings, including notes, tolerances and any other information requested by our customers, in folded or unfolded presentations.

We have the thorough knowledge, experience and capabilities required to meet and exceed your expectations, in the area of simple to complex sheet metal designs. Design intent is a very important aspect and is likely to change from project to project, sometimes even within the same project over time. Our approach is spending a few moments before starting a design and modeling session, to figure out what the likely future of the part will be, and then optimizing the design based on the overall knowledge about the part and/or assembly, providing the ultimate solution for sheet metal design.


Plastic is known as a versatile and economic material being used in various applications. Even though the tooling is expensive, the cost per part is very low in comparison with other manufactured parts. Complex geometry for the plastic and rubber parts is possible, and this is driving to the very extensive use in all industries for the injection molding parts.

Our plastic molding design is focused on using the optimum wall thickness, draft angles, radius and any other features (ribs, bosses, gussets, gates, parting lines, etc.), for the best material flow. On the drawings, we use a tight dimensional tolerance for critical dimensions only, to avoid driving up the cost, and we may even recommend second operations in some cases, such over molding, or machining local areas. For cosmetic surfaces, we are designing to avoid sinking areas that would leave sink marks to the part, choosing the right wall thickness for the walls, ribs, bosses, and other features.


Die casting is a process for producing metal parts by forcing molten metal under high pressure into reusable steel molds, similar to the plastic injection molding.  The molds are being called dies, and these can be designed to produce complex shapes with high accuracy and repeatability, and the parts can have smooth or textured surfaces.

Designing and developing a product for die casting is similar to any other manufacturing process. The die casting process offers some important product advantages and cost reductions that require a different approach to product development. Die cast parts are usually being fabricated when there is a high volume, due to the fact that tooling is expensive.

When designing new die cast parts, our designers and engineers are disassociating the design constrains from traditional materials and processes, thinking function before traditional form, keeping in mind that performance must be sufficient, not equal, and matching the materials properties to performance specifications.

 Our team pays close attention to parts weight reduction, die cast parts shrinkage, adding enough ribs and sufficient draft, cross section uniformity, eliminating sliders wherever possible, choosing the right parting lines and ejector pins area, and other important details for optimizing the die cast design.


Innovative product design involves very often creating and managing an many components, sub-assemblies, and assembly process planning.

Our team designs assemblies with ease of assembly in mind, knowing that if your product contains fewer parts it will take less time to assemble, reducing not only the assembly costs, but the total cost of parts too.

We are designing new parts which are provided with features that make it easier to insert, eliminate adjustments, move, and grasp, ensure adequate access and unrestricted vision, eliminating the possibility of parts being installed incorrectly, reducing the assembly time and assembly costs.

For redesigning existing products, our designers go through the whole assembly part by part and evaluate if some parts can be eliminated, combined with other parts, or their functions can be performed in another way.

Depending of the volume of the product, the design may be done for automated production, which involves less flexibility than manual production.


Reverse engineering is the process of duplication of an existing part by capturing the component’s physical dimensions, features, and material properties, and involves acquiring three-dimensional position data in the point cloud, usually using laser scanners.

There are lots of reasons a company needs reverse engineering such lost documentation, analyzing an existing product for improving it, to modernize manufacturing processes, to design a new part to fit to a legacy part, academic and learning purposes, competitive technical intelligence, and much more.

Reverse engineering has become a viable method to bring existing physical geometry into digital products, creating 3D computer models of these existing physical parts for use in 3D CAD, CAM, and other software.

Our team can create high quality 3D CAD models from such point cloud data, creating parametric surfaces and solids which the customers can use in their design.



ASCENSOMIX CRAIOVA is an en CAD services supplier, which provides a wide range of high-quality CAD drafting services for 2D cad drafting, conversion of paper drawings to CAD drawings, and much more, to best meet the requirements of our customers.

If your engineering team is overwhelmed designing new products and need more help for generating and releasing drawings, why put yourself through the entire circle of recruiting and training personnel when you have an entire team of well trained, and qualified drafters, engineers and designers that you can rely on. You can continue be creative with your designing work, while we can take care of your drawings.

Our services include paper to CAD conversions, drawing from conceptual sketches, assembly drawings, 2D drafting of mechanical parts, mechanical component fabrication drawings, converting drawings from a CAD software into another one, etc. The digital file format conversion services helps you to conveniently maintain, and store digitally to save them from possible damages. Send us your scanned paper drawings, or sketches and we will turn them into accurate digitized CAD drawings at affordable rates and quick turnaround.


2D CAD, Components Drawings, Fabrication Drawings, Assembly Drawings

If you have 3D models, or even basic sketches on a piece of paper, we will create for you any complexity detailed 2D drawings ready for manufacturing. Our team delivers accurate and complete 2D detailed mechanical drawings for our clients, on time and within your budget.

Due to the variety of industries and clients our associates are servicing, we are able and familiar with working under different industry and customer design and standard practices, and meet any client’s requirements.

Our mechanical 2D drafting include services such drawing from conceptual sketches, assembly drawings, 2D drafting of mechanical parts, mechanical component fabrication drawings, and also we deliver parametric 3D models attached to the drawings, so whenever you update your design, the drawings will update automatically.


An important part of the product development cycle is producing 3D CAD models of your design, models that are required for rapid prototypes, and then for tooling for your production parts. These CAD models may lower the risks of practical problems that might arise in real life, can be used for a variety of purposes such as geometry visualization, creating parametric based drawings, reverse engineering, generating complex tool paths, 3D analyses, and finite element analysis, calculating volumes, checking for interference, alignment, or doing rendered images for presentations.

ASCENSOMIX CRAIOVA can make parametric 3D solid models from your prototypes, drawings, or design, following your specified parameters, and offers to our customers the best skills and proficiency 3D CAD modeling. Our experienced team interprets your requirements and then provide solutions accordingly. We have an extensive experience in 3D Modeling, CAD Design and mechanical design solutions which ensures that you may use to help you get your projects done.

If you are looking to outsource 3D parts and assembly creation, you are in the right place. We create any complexity parametric 3D models that can be modified and updated anytime.


Create 3D CAD simple or complex assemblies based on your 2D drawings

ASCENSOMIX CRAIOVA is able to offer you competitive 3D Advanced Assembly modeling services in a variety of CAD packages. You may need 3D assembly models for several reasons such:

•           Sales Proposals
•           Getting quotes
•           Realistic Rendering
•           Building 3D Libraries
•           Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
•           Creating 2D drawings

The 3D parametric assembly models are drastically reducing the drafting efforts, and considerably increasing the efficiency and quality of the drawings, and any changes or updates made to the 3D assemblies and components will be automatically translated to the drawings. Also, any change to the component part models will reflect into their assembly, making possible an accurate interference or clearance check.

We are providing high quality 3D assembly models that makes possible for engineering or manufacturing companies to effectively and competently manage their drawings and designs. Our team can also offer you a variety of sub-assemblies from generic assemblies, as family table instances, or simplified reps, which will dramatically reduce your designing time in some cases where for example you’re dealing with large assemblies and you need fast regeneration.

Our experienced team is prepared and ready to assist you in completing simple or complex mechanical, electrical, electronic, or any other 3D assembly models for your projects. We offer high quality services, quick turn around, and competitive rates.


Create complex 3D CAD geometry using surfacing techniques

Using an advanced surfacing CAD software package, designers and engineers can quickly and easily create highly precise and distinctly aesthetic product designs, the result being a design according to your requirements, not the software’s limitations.

The features and benefits of surfacing are including designing precise curves and surfaces to achieve highly-engineered, making fully associative changes at any time, direct surface editing capabilities, and very important, creating master models for large and complex associative geometry. A detailed CAD master model is a is a high-performance 3D design system, and represents the key to improving the design and manufacturing process, making possible creating multiple parts from the same master model that have to fit perfectly, and updating all those parts just by updating the master model, and regenerating the assembly. A master model provides a complete suite of solid modeling tools that increase the productivity of designing the manufacturing components of any complexity.

Our team can create complete and accurate independent component models, master models, components and assemblies from a master model, and generally whatever is required by the customer to be done using surfacing, and advanced surfacing for aesthetic parts.


Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a numerical technique for finding approximate solutions, widely used in mechanical engineering for various simulations (thermal, electromagnetic, fluid, and structural working environments, etc.) that not only can avoid large costs for prototypes, but helps engineers during their design phases, allowing detailed visualization of where structures bend or twist, and indicates the distribution of stresses and displacements.

This powerful design tool has greatly improved the engineering design, and substantially decreased the turnaround for products from concept to production. Other benefits of using FEA include increased accuracy, better design and insight into critical design parameters, fewer physical prototypes, virtual prototyping, increased productivity, and shorter and less expensive design cycle.


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