Welcome to Stories for Children. Hope you enjoy these two animal and birdland stories.




Something Wise

Blue Jay and Red Cardinal

flew to the feeder.

They peered over the edge to see what goodies were inside. They drew back in surprise. Something big was in the feeder. They slowly moved to the edge again and looked inside ...


"Oh my! It's Tabby Cat. Tabby Cat is in the feeder. What should we do?" squalked Red Cardinal. "Quick! Let's fly away," cried Blue Jay. "Wait," said Red Cardinal. "I hear something." They cocked their heads to listen.


They heard zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. He's asleep," said Red Cardinal. "How will we get him to leave so we can eat?" "Maybe we could grab his tail," replied Blue Jay. "I don't think that is wise," said Red Cardinal. "But what can we do?"



Sue Mourning Dove walked up. 'What's going on? Knock some seed down to me." "We can't," said Blue Jay.  Tabby is sleeping in the feeder." "Oh my!" mourned Sue Dove. "What can we do?"


Blue Jay cocked his head and peered over the edge again. "Maybe we should just fly away." "What! And miss our breakfast?" cried Red Cardinal. "Maybe we should peck his nose and he would leap out."


"I don't think you should do that," warned Sue Dove. "It isn't wise. Maybe we should ask Chick Chick-a-dee."


When Chick Chick-a-dee flew over the feeder and landed they told her about Tabby ...


'What should we do?:" They all asked. "Maybe we should pull his ear. That would make him get up," she said. "I don't think that's a good idea," said Red Cardinal. "It's not wise."


Tiny Sparrow flew to the roof. 'What's going on" "Tabby is in the feeder," they said. "What can we do?" "Maybe we should tickle his nose with our feathers. That would make him sneeze and then he would jump out." "No, no," the others cried. "That is not wise. We must think of something else."


Early Boy Robin walked near by. He didn't like the bird seed. He liked worms and bugs. But all this chatter got his attention. "What's going on?" he asked.


When they told him - all talking at once - he cocked his head and winked a knowing eye. "You had better be careful," he warned. "Tabby is dangerous." "OH my!," mourned Sue Dove. "What can we do?" "Let me think," said Early Boy Robin. "Maybe we should pull his toe." "No, No," that's not wise," cried Blue Jay.


"Who-oo, who-o-o is making all that noise? I can't sleep," said Wise Owl as he rolled his eyes. He sat up straight in the oak tree. "I was up all night. Be quiet ..."


"We need help," said Chick Chick-a-dee. "We need something wise to make Tabby get out of the feeder."


"You should think about what might happen when you do something BEFORE you do it," Wise Owl said, as he ruffled his feathers. "That would be wise."


They thought a while. "We must not make Tabby angry. That would not be wise," they all agreed. "But, what can we do?"


"Who-o-o, Who-oo-o," said Wise Owl. "I know who can help." "Tell us who," they chirped. "Gray Mocking Bird can help," Wise Owl said.


"What can Gray Mocking Bird do that we can't do?" Red Cardinal demanded. "He sings many songs. You sing only one." "How will that help, how will that help?" they all asked. "I'll let you decide," he winked. "Then you will be wise, too.


They thought and thought. "Gray Mocking Bird just copies our songs," said Blue Jay. "How will that help?" "Not only that, he shows off by copying animals sounds, too," chirped Chick Chick-a-dee. ""Wait a minute. Wait just one minute - that's it," Sue Mourning Dove cried.


Before the others could ask, What, she flew over the fence to where Gray Mocking Bird was busy singing and whispered in his ear.


Gray Mocking Bird flew to the back yard and started singing. "Meow, meow." Tabby opened his eyes. "Meow, meow," sang Gray Mocking Bird. Tabby sat up, jumped out of the feeder and ran to the back yard. "Where's that cat?" he cried.


"Now that is wise," said Wise Owl as he closed his eyes and went back to sleep.