8-year-old debt-free American-based wellness company is now officially open in Canada and is seeking partnerships with motivated network marketers that are seeking to develop a full-time income working from the comfort of their own homes. Experience is a plus but not required to join the remote workforce. You are the CEO of your ADN business and can run it any way you like.
Duties will require members to introduce the company's world-class science-based nutraceutical product line and work-at-home opportunity to prospective members by email, postcard marketing, classifieds, telemarketing, social media, and word of mouth. From time to time I hire an Agency to contact my leads for me, I simply take incoming calls for that month, this paid service is available to all my associates at the link below.
The basic tools that you will need are a touch screen cell phone, internet access, email address, a couple of notebooks, and Bic pens. A Laptop, spreadsheets, and software are optional. It's really up to you it's your office. P.S. In most cases you can tether your Laptop to your Smart Phone, I do it every day.
All distributors pay a one-time registration fee of $19 and maintain a monthly auto-ship of at least one product. Rank is as follows: Silver 1 product, Gold 2 products, Platinum 3 products, the higher your rank the more you will earn from the Matrix below you. ADN boasts a custom one-of-a-kind comp plan that is second to none. 11 ways to get paid plus contest money up for grabs! Check it out for yourself at the link below.

I joined ADN in January of 2021 and haven't looked back. I ordered my free bottle of product and an additional Platinum Package and set up my auto-ship as a Silver level distributor. I have since moved up to Gold level member where I am today.

Being a heart attack survivor on statins ADN's Clear Heart product caught my eye straight away so I ordered my products and received them in three days. I have been taking a number of American Dream supplements for six-plus months now and am experiencing exciting results on a daily basis. I plan on ordering ADN products for life. The ADN business is so simple a child could do it.

Thanks to ADN I'm no longer bedridden and I am up every day exercising, playing my guitar, and going to dinner with my friends and family. I work ADN business from my recliner 5 days a week.

Have a great day.


Live Long And Prosper,
David DeCredico
ADN Gold Distributor
Questions? Call me at 417-669-1133.
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