Embrace the Spotlight at Magok Karaoke

마곡노래방 is a legally licensed entertainment establishment spanning from the 5th to 8th floors. The ability to recruit hostesses and the quality of each floor vary significantly. Many small-scale establishments not only lack an adequate number of fixed hostesses but also offer limited choices. Party24, being the largest mega-sized establishment in Golden Tower, consistently has between 50 to 100 fixed managers attending. When it comes to the range of choices and the quality of hostesses, it is incomparable to other establishments.

Public Choice System!

Party24 has already gained numerous customers with its top-notch sound facilities and sophisticated interior design. There are very few cases where customers visit only once. We have a plentiful supply of large rooms, suitable for company gatherings, and capable of accommodating multiple people for events like bachelor parties and birthdays.

24/7 Karaoke!

Party24 operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with our staff always ready to serve customers without any days off.

Excellence in Service!

The biggest concern for customers is undoubtedly the issue of hostesses. Various aspects, such as choice and attitude, often lead to friction. At Party24, we never assign managers who have any issues in these areas to work. Our Party24 staff strive to enhance their mindset through rigorous training and provide the best quality of service. Being the top choice for repeat visits is not without reason. We are confident in serving you!