In order to be eligible to participate in ARScoin’s investment coin offering, we require some KYC information as well as a copy of the investor’s particulars. Once approved, the investor will receive the contribution wallet address for the ARScoin coin offering to send Fiat capital and/or assets in exchange for ARScoin token. If the investor prefers to wire the funds, A R S c o i n will be airdropped into the wallet provided. If the event infrastructure is not finalized to distribute the investment coins, investors will receive a Simple Agreement for Investment Coin (hereinafter as “SAIC”) in return. This SAIC is a promissory note that tokens will be distributed upon the completion of the token infrastructure.

The global crypto industry is exploding and an investment in The Owner allows for ground level participation in the growth and birth of an industry that is said to be larger than the internet itself. The underlying technology and blockchain, are very exciting and the integration of world class investment coins backed by real growth assets using this technology is even more exciting. Here are a few more reasons:

We are embracing cryptocurrency regulations to build investor confidence and a stronger foundation for future growth.
This is a rare opportunity to invest at the ground level, in a future Goldman Sachs or Blackrock of the crypto world, managing current and future investment coins.
We use traditional fundamental metrics that are been rather non-existent with cryptocurrencies to date.
All investment coins are backed by real economic assets to provide intrinsic and market value.
The team has depth in experience and knowledge from technology engineers, traditional bankers, fund managers and C-level executives to seasoned tech business veterans, many who have led successful exits.



Real estate is the most reliable way to save money and increase it. But this market is available only to large ivestments. Despite this, we make investments in real estate affordable for everyone.

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