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Cartersville Steel Mill Keeps Workers Safe

CARTERSVILLE, GA -- In the times main as much as Monday, Feb. 27, Ecky Hall practically jumped out of his chair whenever his phone rang. Hall is the security manager at Gerdau's Cartersville mill, and the ability was about to succeed in 5 years with out a no-lost time accident. Five years without a no loss time accident, which implies an damage has not caused an worker to miss work, is a highly regarded achievement within the steel business.

In accordance with the Steel Manufacturers Association, there have been 816 injury incidents in 2016 for major home steel producers. Feb. 27 got here and went - and similar to that, the mill became the primary United States Gerdau facility to succeed in the milestone. In actuality, it would not happen "identical to that," the corporate mentioned. Reaching 5 years with no loss time accidents takes more than time. It takes safety program after safety program, excessive voltage breaker robots, cameras and cranes, and the mindfulness of all 350 workers at the Cartersville mill. Cartersville mill's Safety Committee meets every Friday to do walkthrough audits of the mill.

The weekly audits began two years in the past and take three hours to complete. The mill is divided into 4 sections and a special section is reviewed every week beneath co-chairs Rodney Martin, representing the melting course of, and Tommy McGill, representing the rolling mill. The staff, with some members who have labored at the mill for greater than forty years, take photos of procedures that want enchancment - and likewise what's being accomplished proper and safely.

Along with link with more details , contractors fill out hazard work assessments. Near-miss studies are reviewed, and staff get corrective coaching. According to Steel mill equipment , considered one of the most typical causes of harm within the iron and steel industry are falls on the identical degree and from peak. One measure to forestall this at Cartersville is a tarping system, or retractable platform, that keeps truck drivers secure from falls. The tarping system additionally keeps drivers from having to climb on prime of their trucks when covering a load. has worked for U.S. Main Machine Producer and North Star Steel, but he said Gerdau sets itself apart. I used to be born to work in a steel mill," Hall, whose father labored in one for 40 years, mentioned. "That's all I knew. An Unique Number of Milling And Rolling Machines grow up and go to work in a steel mill.

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