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Benefits Of Marijuana For Mental Health & Well Being

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a substance found in cannabis strains that travels from the bloodstream to the brain. THC is a hallucinogen, which means it alters your perception of reality. When you use cannabis, you may experience the affects of being "stoned." Some folks feel chilled out, calm and cheerful. They may become irritable or laugh a lot, and they may feel hungry or have food cravings called munchies.

Regardless of its legal status, cannabis is used by many people with psychiatric conditions who find relief from their symptoms. PTSD, anxiety disorders, melancholy, ADHD, bipolar illness, chronic pain, insomnia, opiate addiction, and even schizophrenia are all treated with cannabis. Patients also use cannabis for neurological illnesses such multiple sclerosis spasticity, dementia agitation, and particular seizure disorders that are resistant to traditional treatments. Patients also use cannabis to alleviate the nausea and anorexia associated with cancer chemotherapies, as well as to boost their mood and outlook—often with the consent of their doctor.

Tips for staying safe while consuming cannabis:

  • Using a small amount at a time and waiting to see how it feels
  • It should not be mixed with alcohol or other substances. Things can swiftly spiral out of control.
  • After using cannabis, avoid driving or doing anything that takes coordination. (It is prohibited to drive while under the influence of narcotics.)
  • You should only use cannabis with people you can trust. Have a non-cannabis-using member of your group keep an eye out for you. Remember to keep an eye on your companions as well.
  • Avoid days to use cannabis If you have school, university, or work the next day, avoid it.
  • If things become dangerous, call an ambulance — they are there to keep you safe, not to get you into trouble.