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Christine A Spataro
Unbelievable, Trump through Sessions under the bus and he goes back for more, what is it about trump that makes people go so blind about him. Have they forgotten what a
Republican president is supposed to be, is there no honor left in the party, they put the country in the hands of
someone that they know isn't equipped mentally to handle it

Sessions let Trump down. The combination of the two men did not work. Sessions realizes Trump is doing what he set out to do and is the best man for the job. Wish Sessions the best.

Any Politician that is running for office in the middle of an election cycle is going to say what ever they need to get votes, then the real person takes over once they win the election. Prime example is Sessions

He was a disaster as Attorney General. But he was very effective in the Senate and never should have left the Senate

I wish President Trump would stay out of our Senate race. He is the reason we have Doug Jones in the Senate. I’ll be voting for Sessions because he is a man of integrity and supports Conservative issues!

Sessions it will help him to win votes in Alabama He is running to get his senate seat back

We need Sessions back in the Senate he’s one of the most conservative Senators ever and he will support the President. He had to recuse himself but he should not have taken the AG position

Look Trump had reasons to go after sessions. As soon as Barr took his oath he got busy and has found a lot of criminality on the left. This is what sessions should have been doing. Maybe some of this crap would have been dealt with by now.

Maybe he was working tirelessly behind the scenes on indictments. There should be hundreds if not thousands.

Thank you Mr. sessions!!! Do you know the truth, Trump is good for this country, I’m sorry but you were just too slow to take care of business in the world of Trump!!! I believe you are a good man.

Jeff Sessions is what it looks like when you have no self respect left.

The only disaster is Trump’s management of the virus. A total failure and it’s getting worse.

We got a lot of arm chair lawyers here. Hey vote for whom ever you want. Stop bad mouthing a man that was following the law. He felt he had to recuse himself to save the Trump administration from further investigation. As far as I'm concerned he was a great senator for Alabama and I'll vote him back in
At least we have a few people left in the world that believe in the letter of law

Wow a man of principle. I believe that President Trump was right to replace him but I appreciate the fact that he still stands with the president because of his policies and that he is still the right man for our country at this time

Classy guy. Trump was right for being angry that Sessions recused himself, but should have made his complaints in private and asked for his resignation. Trump demands loyalty and needs to show it, as well.

Well of course he did, tomorrow he is in a primary run off. He's going to say whatever it takes tonight to try and get those extra votes (as from what I have read, he is behind right now). We'll see.

Jeff Sessions. If he wanted to be a Senator from Alabama, he was and moved on.
No redos ,Jones being our current Senator is a direct result of Sessions wanting not to be our Senator.… See More

It his last chance to win the runoff. He will say anything! He disgraced our state and betrayed our President. Tuberville 7/14

Not hard to come to that conclusion when you consider the alternative being a lunatic with dementia that doesn’t even know what state he’s in half the time