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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online classes



Advantages and Disadvantages of Online classes


The online class is a systemised process of learning via digital means. It is different from the traditional process of learning where the learners and the educator both are required to be present in the classroom. But in Online classes, teachers and students do not need to physically interact with each to facilitate the learning process. Unlike traditional learning, Online classes do not need a physical classroom. A virtual classroom is created using the specially designed software, like skype, zoom and googles meet, over the internet. 


Advantages Of Online classes


Learn anything from home

In online classes, you get the freedom to make your decisions and choose only courses that you want to learn. Although, you can choose your dream course in traditional learning too. But it depends on several factors. For example, you want to enrol for an MBA but there is not a good college for MBA in your city. Then the only option you are left with is to leave your house and travel away from home, live in a completely unknown city, and struggle in an extremely competitive learning environment. 


No peer pressure

It is the quickest way to learn anything at the comfort of your home. While learning in the classroom or studying with the group. Some of the students may not ask their doubts clearly due to the shy nature of peer pressure. But in case of online education, no such problems exist. It allows you to get skills that can easily put you into a great MBA school, or the dream job you always wanted.


Self-paced learning 

In a classroom or in a group. There are multiple students or participants having a different pace of learning and understanding things. Some people understand relatively faster than others. But some of them takes more time to learn the concept. And these cause problems among learners. However, in online classes, you do not need to wait until others understand. Nor you have to make others wait until you understand. You get to learn on your speed. 



It is not a hidden fact that the cost of education has increased over the years. Be it a school going child or a college student, they all have to pay a huge sum of the monthly fees. The education expense is so much so that people could not afford it and they have to take education loans. 

In the case of online education, the cost is much less than the cost of traditional education. If you are looking to save money from unnecessary college expenses like canteen expenses, travelling expenses, and library expenses. Then online education is the best medium. You only pay for education and nothing else. 


The comfort of your home

There is absolutely no restriction on what you wear while attending the class. No need to follow the dress code. Whether you are sitting on your sofa or you are laying on your bed and then watching the lecture, you are free to do. You get the comfort and flexibility of your home while learning in an online class.

But in the case of a traditional classroom, you need to follow the strict guidelines and dress code. 


Disadvantages of Online education 



It is obvious that when you look at the computer or smartphone’s screen for a long period. Your eyes might feel the strain. Also,  it is scientifically proven that blue light coming from screens is not healthy for the human eyes. Therefore, staring at the laptop’s screen or phone’s screen during the online class might harm your eyes. 



Just as every coin has two faces, there are also two faces of online classes. While online classes provide you with the opportunity and flexibility to set your schedule as per your requirements. It also makes it easier for you to procrastinate your studies. In internet-based studies, there is no one reminding you that assignments are due or that exams are coming. There is no one to preach to you, beg with you, plead with you to stay on top of your coursework. (Sounds pretty good, huh?) It's easy to put off reading and assignments in the online environment. Before you know it, weeks have gone by, you haven't done any homework and it's exam time. The nightmares of failing the exam might come true.


Sense of isolation 

The environment of online classes is different from traditional classes. Here you do not get to sit with your friends and discuss what you watched yesterday, what you eat last night. No jokes from the backbenchers, no noise of someone giggling or talking. Nothing. All you get is a laptop screen on which you have to stare until the lecture ends. You miss all the fun and excitement that you might have experienced while attending the classroom. If you have ever experienced the fun of classroom teaching, then it will be difficult for you to adapt to the online education environment. 


Fake degrees

Nowadays, almost every website claims to be affiliated with a prestigious university. They claim to get you the authentic degrees accredited with the renowned and respected universities. And there is a pool of such websites. You need to be precocious and save yourself from the clutches of these tactics. If you enrolled yourself with a website and later you find out that the degree is not authentic, then it is all worthless. 

Be sure to check the authentications and claims made by these fake websites. 


Not for everyone 

Online education may sound fancy and easily accessible as we assume that almost everyone owns a smartphone with a stable internet connection or computer. But the reality is often different. Despite the technologies being affordable and accessible, a large part of our population still lacks the knowledge and types of equipment to join an online class. 

In India, for example, despite the country being one of the major players in the world of E-Learning, there is still a large gap in computer literacy in the population. Until such gaps in society exist, online education will not be able to reach all citizens. Therefore, it’s highly important that we look at online learning as an addition, rather than as a replacement to traditional education.


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