Is it really necessary to have another season of Bigg Boss?

For roughly 140-150 days a year, I watch the reality show Bigg Boss for about 90 minutes a day. I complain about the show's dull content, bemoan the staged battles, and even pledge I won't watch another season of Bigg Boss. The show, on the other hand, has been a guilty joy for me. Despite the fact that I am well aware that it will never improve and will almost certainly deteriorate, I return to it every year to satisfy my voyeuristic craving. However, with the premiere of the fourteenth season of the extremely popular show, I'm not sure we need it right now. Check this article for more info about Bigg Boss 15 Full Episode.

The world is being swept by a pandemic. We've all looked like Bigg Boss contestants in the last four or five months. We've squabbled about who would regularly sweep the kitchen, chop the veggies, and do the dishes. We've passed the time by playing ludo, UNO, carrom, and a number of other games when even the 4G networks failed us. Friends and family who had previously just been in our phone's contact list have been reconnected with us. Just when we were ready to become bored, Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered us assignments (bang thaalis and light diyas).

Here's a reality check for Bigg Boss' creators, because it's all too true and everyone is looking for a return to brighter days and some positivity. Nobody enjoys hearing people rage at each other for not completing their housework, exposing each other's lies, plotting and planning cheap ways to win "tasks," or whining about not being able to visit their loved ones. Unlike the candidates on the show, many people have experienced far more difficult situations in the real world and handled them gracefully.

Anti-heroes are also popular nowadays. It doesn't matter if it's a dark, violent, and gory web series or primetime coverage of actor Sushant Singh Rajput's death. As a result, we, the viewers, are desperately looking for feel-good alternatives to counteract the onslaught of dismal television. And, based on previous seasons of Bigg Boss, I can assure you that the show will not be enough.

Bigg Boss is ostensibly a psychological experiment in which a bunch of strangers must survive a variety of scenarios. Since 2006, however, the filmmakers have followed only one rule: generate a lot of noise to attract the audience. They are unaware, however, that the show has degraded into a jumbled composite version of itself.

Every year, a group of people devour the 'How to Win Bigg Boss' manual prepared by past seasons' participants, some of whom are hoping to restore their careers and others who have entered the house purely for the sake of popularity. As a result, they have little to offer in the way of new ideas. Why is it that we only criticize the participants? Designers sometimes struggle to keep the audience engaged. They re-use the old activities with modest alterations each year.

Please don't give us the same meal on a fresh platter now that a new season of Bigg Boss has been announced.

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