How To Update Drivers in Windows 7 and 8 Automatically

Go back to the Devices and Printers window and locate the icon with your computer’s name under it. Right click on that icon and choose Device Installation Settings.

The window that opens is asking you whether you want to download driver software and realistic icons for your devices. In this window, you will notice that there are two choices. Select the option labeled No, Let Me Choose What To Do and several more options become available.

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Now you have three options from which to choose. The first option gives Windows 7 permission to always install the best driver from Windows Update. Choose this option if you want Windows to go to Windows Update and download and install a driver whenever a new device is detected or when an updated driver is found for hardware on your PC.

The second option is a bit more conservative in that Windows 7 will first use any local drivers on your computer before going to Windows Update to search for, download, and install a driver. The last option is the most conservative and the one you should choose if you want to stop Windows 7 from automatically downloading and installing drivers or if you always want to manually install drivers yourself.