How To Monitor Your GPU and CPU Temperature

Because of the flaws with using the BIOS as your primary temperature checking format, you will probably find that the utility programs that may or may not be located in your PC is a much better way to go, allowing you to check the temps in real time when gaming or performing other heat-enhancing tasks.

MSI Afterburner is one of the best utility programs out there for monitoring the temperature of your CPU and GPU. It is also 100 percent free to use. Just by installing or clicking on this program, you can get immediate feedback on the temperatures of your computer components. This is crucial, because many a computer has crashed as the result of getting too hot. Not only can you monitor the temps of your CPU and GPU with MSI Afterburner, the program also allows you to over-clock and modify the speed of your GPU and CPU fans in an effort to bring rapid cooling to the machine.

MSI Afterburner is additionally highly customizable. The program supports most 64-bit applications and has a wide range of language support.

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When you download the newest beta package of MSI Afterburner (explained above), that package comes complete with the RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS). Both the Guru3D and MSI teams are working together on both Afterburner and RTSS. The latter of these is used primarily to display the temperatures on screen, giving an accurate portrayal of your GPU and CPU temps down to the minute.

With the RivaTuner Statistics Server you can also do more than just monitor the CPU and GPU temperatures. Notably, the program allows you to limit the action in some of the First Person Shooter games being played on PCs. This ability is important, because these actions represent one of the primary reasons a computer may get overheated, so by limiting them you give yourself a powerful tool for keeping your PC’s temperatures in check.