The Sims 4 Patch Notes

Spa Day

  • Sims giving a hand massage, will no longer contort in an excruciatingly painful manner during the massage.


  • The Parts to Copy filter, for vampires in Create-a-Sim, should now actually show what parts you can copy.


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  • REJOICE! Children can once again play on the monkey bars without the compelling need to halt their monkey bar activities to make a mess. Yes, that’s right Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Player, children are free! Free to play! Free to climb, swing, and do whatever it is that children do on the monkey bars. The draw, the compulsion, the absolute need to end their activity to make a mess has finally come to a close. So rejoice! And let your kids climb, until they can climb no more.

Ok, let’s see, it’s been awhile since I’ve done this, so let me just go through my checklist.

  • Greeting, uh yep, check.
  • The What’s New section, check.
  • Various issue commentary, unnecessary expository, overuse of ellipses, random grammar atrocities, run on sentences…, check, check, and… um, check.
  • References to old and outdated entertainment media, check.
  • Sign off, and holiday wishes, not yet, but shortly.

Looks like everything is good to go!

Happy Holidays!