Sony Rewards, Free PSN Credits and YOU

Sony Rewards, which is a free service providing points that can be spent on Sony products, now offers several “Rewards Passes” for earning in-game trophies on PlayStation platforms. Earning 100 silver trophies in games will earn you 100 points, equivalent to $1, while 25 gold trophies are worth 250 points.

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Earning 10 platinum trophies — typically obtained by earning every other trophy in a single game — will reward you with 1,000 points. This isn’t a ton of extra cash for your purchases, of course, but it can actually help you play multiple free games. One of the rewards in Sony’s catalog is for a month of PlayStation Plus, priced at 999 points. Earning 10 platinum trophies will get you that reward for free.

In the past, “trophy hunters” earned their trophies purely for bragging rights, but it’s nice to see actual monetary value applied to them now. Hopefully it will keep gaming communities together for longer periods of time as they work together to earn rewards.