The Top 8 Free Photo Editing Software 2019 Update

Want to turn dull photos into works of art that will make all your friends jealous on Instagram, but don’t have the budget to buy pro editing software? Here are the 5 best free photo editing software packages that will make ordinary pics (and your waist) look mesmerizing


High-quality images increase your credibility and increase the perceived value of your business’ products.

And, if you’re taking them for more personal reasons, they won’t do any harm to your waistline either.

Let’s face it, in 2018, image is everything. And if your competition has killer photo editing software, they’re going to appear better to your customers, even if that isn’t the reality (of course it isn’t, you’re the best). Don’t have the budget to invest a fortune in software but still want to look great on social media? We’ve got you covered. Here are the 5 best free photo editing software suites available in 2018.


To kick off our list of the best free photo editing software, we went with the most popular choice (by far). The best thing about it is if you squint your eyes really hard, you can almost pretend you’re using Adobe Photoshop…except it’s totally free.

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GIMP can handle almost any image file and comes with a major range of tools you’ll love (customizable brushes, layers, filters, and image enhancement tools). It also has one major advantage over the competition—it’s constantly evolving. The hordes of active contributors in its ecosystem mean it’s becoming bigger, stronger, faster, and better at making you look slimmer at the beach than you really are.

When you combine the simple features and advanced tools with a seamless user experience and an ever-evolving set of plugins, GIMP is anything but what its name suggests. It easily takes the top spot here.