Free Photo Sharing or Hosting Sites - PxHere

PxHere is also one of the popular image sharing websites, mainly due to the freedom of use of images. A user downloading images from this website can freely use them commercially or personally. This is one of the very rare features that very few websites offer. All the images are released free of copyrights. You are free to use images for personal as well as commercial use without asking for creator’s permission or assigning a credit. To download the images, you are required to create an account on PxHere. The account creation is also free. Once you are logged in, you have access to hundreds of thousands of high-quality images contributed by hobbyists as well as professional photographers. In a very less time, PxHere has become a favorite platform for both image seekers and image uploaders who want to share their work with other users.

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This is the site where photo sharing service and communication portal is free. As a free user, you will get 50 MB email space and photo storage is up to 3000 MB. And if you take the membership you will get unlimited storage capacity in $30. Please visit their site for getting more of their detailed information.