Super Mario Run Tricks

Super Mario Run: tips and tricks for the Nintendo app

Mario is starting! On the iPhone, the cult figure of Nintendo provides for ample fun. With our tips, you are even easier to get into "Super Mario Run".

The basic playing principle of "Super Mario Run cheats" is as simple as it is ingenious. In the so-called side-scrolling platformer, Mario automatically moves from left to right. The player has only the task to jump him over certain obstacles and objects by tapping. The longer you hold down while typing, the higher the figure will jump. Mario makes a spin by double-tapping.

Smaller obstacles and enemies also overcome Mario completely, so you really have enough time to orient yourself in the level and adapt to upcoming challenges. However, although it is not necessary for the completion of a world, it brings additional points, even the small opponents by a jump off.

Super Mario Reverse: Run to the left and stop

If it should go back - for example, because an important coin was missed - Mario can be reset by air bubbles. Of these missiles, however, there are only a limited number per level. If Mario is in a bubble, he flies back automatically. Tap the air bubble and place Mario on the field again.

Also the jump against a wall, followed by a double-tapper, lets Mario reset a smaller piece (at least if Mario is not between two walls, because in this case he walks upwards wall-to-wall).

By wiping to the left, when Mario is just in the jump, the game character can theoretically also hold on the spot - which however requires a lot of practice and even after numerous attempts not always succeeded in the same way.

Without the player's intervention, Mario stops when he comes to a pause block.

Luigi, Toad, and Peach: Unleash new characters

  • Creating a new "My-Nintendo" account or signing up with an existing one will unlock the mushroom Toad as a new character.
  • If you bring a certain number of Toads into the kingdom in the Toad rally, you will unlock other characters. For 30 yellow and 30 red toads, there are Yoshi. For the release of Marios brother Luigi, 150 green and 150 purple toads must be earned.
  • If you bring toad rallyes 200 toads of each color into the kingdom, get toadette - however, only if previously Princess Peach was released.
  • Peach is unlocked when all 24 levels are completed and Bowser has been defeated.

To compete against other players in a Toad rally, you need tickets. These are available for completing worlds and completing coin collections.

Unlocked figures can be used in any level. Just click on the character icon after selecting a world and a level, just before clicking "Start". Then all available figures are offered for selection.

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Save battery in Super Mario Run - this is how it works

In addition to the permanent internet connection , the colorful and iridescent graphics in the typical Nintendo look also cost a lot of electricity. When playing "Super Mario Run", the battery quickly reaches its limits - we already know of "Pokémon Go".

But the consumption can at least be a little lower, if in the app settings the picture quality of the game reduced.

Simply click on "Menu" in the main screen, then "Options" and then on "Settings". Here, "frame rate" and "resolution" can be changed from "high" to "low". In "Super Mario Run" itself it means:

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