Fortnite Map Guide Season 5 Loot, Drop And More Locations

With the initiation of Season 5 and The Visitor launching the rocket found in the Evil Base, came a ton of changes to the Fortnite Map. From all-new locations popping up, to some iconic places disappearing, these changes completely changed Fortnite for everyone. As a result, the way people play Fortnite now is very different from the way it was played back in Season 4. So, to help our readers better understand the new map while also providing them with some tips on how they can exploit the new map, we are here with a brand new Fortnite Map Guide for Season 5.

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From everything you need to know from loot spawns to the best drop locations, we have it all covered in this Fortnite Map guide. So, if you wish to learn the basics of the game and increase your chances of winning the games, then we highly recommend you to give our guide, a thorough reading.