Here are all Fortnite timed trials locations

A familiar Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges has appeared in Season 6 Week 3 - well, familiar if you previously completed the Fortnite timed trials challenge in Season 5 that is. If you're not already aware of how they work, stopwatch icons can now be found in various locations around the map, which spawn a timed trial course when you interact with them. This course is made up of clock icons, which you have to dash through and collect all eight of before the timer runs out and they disappear.

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Some of the courses require a generous amount of building to get to all of the icons in time, but others can be done with little more than a quick sprint. Don't worry if you run out of time, as you can just interact with the stopwatch icon again for another go, but be warned that there will be plenty of other players around doing their best to score an easy kill and stop you claiming your reward - attempting to beat them in a 50v50 game mode can really help reduce this risk. Read on, and we'll show you where the timed trials are located and how to complete them.