Fire Emblem Heroes Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks in the War against the Embryonic Empire - Fire Emblem Heroes

With Fire Emblem Heroes cheat , Nintendo is finally bringing the round-based strategy game to the smartphone. Through a ritual, you are called into a strange world to participate in the fight against the Emblaner. We would like to provide you with tips and tricks for your adventure, so that you can meet your reputation as a legendary hero. We will give you tips for the combat system and useful hints on abilities and your allies.

The embryonic empire falls into strange worlds and enslaves the heroes from different dimensions for their despicable purposes. Judging by legend, a legendary hero appears, who soon makes peace with his abilities. Since we do not want to leave you with this burden, we provide you with first tips and tricks to Fire Emblem Heroes .

Fire Emblem Heroes: Kampffipps for the entry

The round-based strategy game from Intelligent Systems and Nintendo can be downloaded free of charge. That's why there are so-called spheres in the game , which you can buy in the shop for real money. Since you get some of it at the beginning but some is given, we advise you first from.

If you have not yet played a branch of the Fire Emblem series and are an absolute novice, then we would like to give you a basic understanding for the combat system. The battles usually take place in a restricted area, where you move your hero boxes for boxes. You usually start on your left and your opponents on the right. Whoever first extinguished the enemy troops wins the battle.

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In combat you must always place your heroes well. Anna, for example, has to lock up to an opponent for an attack, while archering like Virion attacks from a distance, ie with a quadrangle distance. How far your troops can advance is, of course, still in the way of the class. For example, riders can travel a larger distance per train. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Scissors-Stone-Paper- Principle : The direct duels in Fire Emblem Heroes are serially typed in principle by scissors-stone-paper. At the bottom right of the screen, you can see the three colors blue, red and green, each symbolizing a weapon type: blue = lances, red = swords, green = axes. Lances are effective against swords, while blades have an advantage over axes, etc. This is one of the most important tips you should always follow.
  • Pros and cons of the troops : Regardless of the color, some troops have advantages and disadvantages against certain other units. Thus, the archer (whose weapon symbol is gray) is particularly effective against flying units. Which weapon they lead is irrelevant.

  • Team up : Before each mission, you will be shown the enemies who are waiting for you in this quest, along with the name and the recommended level. You see not only how many enemies you have to do for the victory, but also what weapons they lead. So you can build a matching team before the mission start, exploiting the weaknesses of all enemy units. Alternatively, you can create several teams, where you will always change.

  • Danger Zone : Not only do you move across the field, your opponents will also march in your direction. Defensive play, therefore, makes only a limited sense. Before you plan your train, you should activate the "Danger zone" option at the bottom left of the screen. Now you will see all the positions the opponent can relate to all units in his next turn. This is especially useful when placing your distance fighter and healer.

  • Opponent Information : If you have already activated the Danger Zone, you should always tap enemy units again. Now you will be shown how far this opponent can advance in the next turn. In addition, all important information such as level, remaining KP, weapon type etc. will be displayed above. If you press the small plus on the left side of the portrait, you will get all the information about this unit.

  • Blessing of Light : The enemy has pushed you back, half of your troops have been extinguished, and our tips do not help you now? Click links on the gear below to get a new menu. Select here blessing of the light . In exchange for a sphere or the item of the same name ("Blessing of Light"), all allies are re-enlivened, all KPs are filled, special attacks are immediately available and a new train begins for you.

  • Use special skills : As shown in the picture above, you can see the number of rounds until the next character's special ability. So always plan your moves in advance and pull you back in time. In a tight duel the use of a special ability can be decisive.

  • No "Perma-Death" : veterans of the series should be known that heroes can die of eternal death. If a hero loses all the credits in the battle, he can not be used throughout history. In Fire Emblem Heroes , on the other hand, the characters return to your team for the next fight after their death - luck!

  • These combat tips you should first chapter of Fire Emblem Heroes much easier. At this point we would like to give you some general tips and tricks , so you do not feel so lost in the complex menus.

  • Upgrade Castle : After the game start you get 15 spheres. You should immediately invest one of these for the expansion of your castle. In the main menu, select the store from the list below. Here in the trade item you can select the option "upgrade castle". Alternatively, just tap the icon when you are in the castle. In exchange for a sphere, you increase the gained experience points for all activities permanently by 20% - if this is not worthwhile. But it will be even better: Insectamt you can increase the bonus to 100%.
  • Learn and equip skills : Allied characters deserve skill points (FP) when they take enemies on the battlefield or go up in level. In the main menu under the unit category you will find the section "Learning skills". Choose a hero and give the earned FP for new skills. If you have unlocked multiple abilities, you can enable or disable them under "Ability Abilities". In a separate guide, we will tell you how to quickly level your warriors .

  • Quests and Missions : In your castle, click down on the well to view additional quests and missions. For the challenges, you will be rewarded with items such as Orders or Fragments, which you can use, for example, to build up your characters. Since you can repeat all orders as often as you like, these quests are no problem for you.

  • Unlock new heroes : If you want to unlock new characters, you have to select "Call" in the menu. In exchange for Spheres, you can summon random heroes who strengthen your team. At the beginning, we recommend you to summon at least 1-2 characters for your team and to provide reinforcements early.

  • Release potential : You can further strengthen your allies by releasing their potential. For this, you need a character at level 20 and a certain number of heroic feathers . You will receive this in the course of the story, in Arenaduellen or as compensation, if her hero "sends home" - this option you find under "units". Once the potential is released, the hero's level is reset to 1. However, it is marked with a star indicating its strength.
  • The tips for Fire Emblem Heroes hack will soon be expanded with new insights. Until then you should take the above tricks to heart and complete a few missions. Come back soon after we update our guide.

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