Craigs Alternatives & Similar Sites-Cash4Books

Selling unwanted books is something we can all do, as we have many of them cluttered in our homes. Apart from BookScouter, another easy way to sell books online is through Cash4Books.

The process to start is very similar to BookScouter. After scanning the ISBN on the books to see the price and if they are buying it, you can ship the books to them with free labels through US Post or FedEx.

Always keep in mind to send over books in good condition. You get paid within 13 days after you mail the books. The payment is through PayPal or cash.


If you have piles of kids clothes, branded items of clothing, bags, etc. which you want to get rid of, then thredUP can help you.

With thredUP, you can sell clothes in good condition (they have some strict brand requirements) online without much hassle.

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The best part about this platform is, you don’t need to do much work to sell these items. Just order a thredUP bag and fill it with your clothes and stuff and send it to them. If the items are in good condition, they will be processed, and you will be paid.

The payment is through PayPal, and they pay you upfront if the worth of your clothing is below $60, if it is above that, then they get listed on the website for selling.