The best settings to improve your FPS in Apex Legends

Compared to other battle royale games out there, Apex Legends can be a bit too graphics-intensive for some PC players who have low to mid-end builds. Its system requirements for PC players say the user must have at least a 1GB GPU and 6GB RAM to play the game, but developer Respawn recommends an 8GB GPU with 8GB RAM to optimize it.

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But there are a few ways of optimizing Apex Legends in any PC build. These are standard settings you can tweak that can greatly improve your FPS and let you run the game more smoothly, trading graphics for performance.

The easiest way of doing so is tweaking the settings inside the game before trying to mess with your computer settings. After you get in the lobby of Apex Legends, you’ll see the gear icon in the bottom right indicating the settings menu. When you click it, a new window will open, and you can click on the “Video” tab to open the menu below.