H1Z1 PS4 Controls Guide - On-Foot, Vehicle and Passenger Controls

H1Z1 originally released on PC and as a result, was designed to be played with a mouse and keyboard. As such, the PS4 version features a completely different control scheme.There's a new weapon wheel, grenade system and vehicle controls to contend with, all covered in our H1Z1 PS4 Controls Guide. Getting to grips with the H1Z1 PS4 controls listed below will give you a real advantage when starting out, so make sure you give them a read.

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There are a few more things to note when playing the game. Firstly, when exiting vehicles, don’t be afraid to bail out at high speeds. There’s no damage associated with exiting a vehicle, so use it to quickly start shooting at an enemy.

Secondly, you can actually cancel a grenade throw and save precious grenade ammo. If you find yourself aiming an unwanted grenade throw, all you have to do is hit L1 and you’ll cancel it and put the grenade back in your rucksack. Speaking of rucksacks, there’s no inventory menu like there is in the PC version, with weapon switching mapped to the L1 button.