Apex Legends Best Characters & Legends Guide

If you’re exploring Kings Canyon in search of loot, then sure, you probably want to stay armed. But if you’re in a hurry — trying to, say, reach squadmates in need, escape a sticky situation, or outrun the ring — you’ll want to holster your weapons. The default command to do this is to hold the swap weapons button (triangle on PS4, Y on Xbox One) or press 3 on PC.

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It’s worth noting, however, that sprinting isn’t the absolute fastest way to move in Apex Legends — sliding is the name of the game there. To slide, start running and then press the crouch button (O on PS4, B on Xbox One, Ctrl on PC).

Sprinting into a slide along level ground provides a modest bump to speed, especially if you jump out of the slide at the end. But if you’re heading to a lower elevation, there’s no reason not to slide. In the aforementioned follow-up video, an unarmed player slid downhill at a blistering 11.9 m/s — nearly 61 percent faster than the top running speed. Even with a weapon drawn or being aimed, the sliding speed was 11.3 m/s, which translates to a speed boost of approximately 53 percent over sprinting.

Here’s a protip to put it all together. In Apex Legends, your character’s health and shields don’t recharge on their own; you have to restore them with consumable items such as Syringes and Shield Cells, respectively. Each healing item takes a few seconds to use, and you’re vulnerable during that span — attempting to sprint while you’re healing will cancel the process. However, you can totally heal while you’re sliding, with no movement speed penalty. So why not kill two birds (and perhaps a Bloodhound) with one stone?