Canceling Multi-Channel Fulfillment Orders

Multi-channel fulfillment orders can only be canceled while still in the planning stage. Once an order has graduated from planning to shipping, the order can no longer be canceled, and this window is short, sometimes fifteen minutes. If still in the planning stage, the cancelation procedure is as follows:

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  1. Find the specific order as explained above, and choose the Order ID in question to bring up all the order information.
  2. There will be an option for Cancel This Order within the Multi-Channel Fulfillment Order details. Press this option, and the order will be canceled automatically.

Please note that orders that are out of stock and therefore unable to be shipped will retain the status of Unfulfillable until the stock has been refilled. Unfulfillable orders cannot be canceled. Instead, when the item is in stock again, the status for that order will be changed to Fulfillable, and a new order can be placed for that specific order.