Are Automatic Welding Helmets Safe?

Your Eyes are, arguably, your maximum inclined and maximum critical sense, so it’s crucial to appearance after them.

What’s the Hazard?

Arc Welding methods (Tig Welding, Mig Welding, Stick Welding, Plasma Cutting, etc.) emit quite a number light wavelengths which can be risky to eyes, including Ultra Violet (UV), that's the maximum dangerous to eyes.

Arc Eye” is a not unusual and painful hazard for Welders.  Arc Eye is largely the UV Burning of the again of the attention.  This is precisely similar to Sunburn to the pores and skin. 

A slight Arc Eye appears like sand in the eyes, intense Arc Eye is extraordinarily painful and might result in transient, or even everlasting blindness.  Arc Eye also increases the danger of most cancers in the attention. You can see welding helmet reviews and know everything.


Traditional passive welding mask used a chunk of shaded glass to lessen UV exposure.  The darkness of this glass is normally 9EV to 13EV (thirteen being the darker). 

Masks geared up with this glass are first-rate for protective the eyes from UV, but they’re so darkish that the operator can see not anything till an arc is struck.

In the early 1990’s automated welding mask got here on to the marketplace.  These helmets are a chunk like remarkable fast, wonderful dark, React to Light Sun Glasses.

When you’re no longer welding, the clear out is a light inexperienced, permitting excellent imaginative and prescient for job set up and torch positioning

Recently, As an arc is struck, the clear out darkens to a welding color.  The welding coloration can usually be adjusted, lighter, or darker.

When welding is completed, the helmet goes again to the Light Mode.  This all occurs VERY fast!  For instance, our Speedshield V is going Dark in less than 1/10,000 of a 2d and comes again to Light Mode in between 0.2 and 1.Zero 2d (consumer adjustable).

What occurs if the masks do NOT darken after I strike an arc?.

Well, that’s in which it receives a bit clever.  All The Welders Warehouse Auto Welding Masks have a unique coating that filters out UV to the equivalent of at the least color 15 glass. 

This coating is everlasting, that means you get color 15+ safety from UV, even when the masks are within the Light Mode.

All which means that, provided you have the helmet down, there is ZERO chance of Arc Eye.  The lightening and darkening of the Lens also mean you don’t just raise the helmet between welds or tacks to see in which the subsequent weld/tack desires to head, very convenient and super for productiveness!


Bottom line?  Automatic Welding Masks, ours at the least, are easy to apply, highly handy and efficient to use and above all 100% SAFE for YOUR Eyes!

You can see our full variety of super secure, entirely CE approved Auto Welding Masks on our website.

Hope this facilitates you weld more secure!

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