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               I have rewritten this web site for the following reasons:


1). My family came from Ireland and I have sought out the truth for many years examples including while at the church St. Leo in Tacoma, An African American named Singleton came and introduced himself and I told him I am a Singleton but white. He asked some questions and was looking for some of his relatives in Ireland. I explained to him We probably were both slaves in some point in history. The American Public Education system kept this hidden from us for many years which leads me to the next issue.


2).  I went to Baptist Churches and used the King James Bible and it was understood that King James provided the first modern English translation of the bible. I did some research and found that King James sold many Irish into slavery for roughly 5 pounds on the trading bloc. I often felt when going to Baptist churches I did not belong here and often felt like a outcast isolated and alone it was like something inside of me wanted to come out and tell me what should have been told to us. I am thankful for becoming a born again Christian at the Baptist church and Jesus saved me. The question is how can a Irish person reconcile King James as a Christian but at the same time disregarded a race of others and treated my people as a "piece of garbage" this did not stop here a more notorious criminal was named Oliver Cromwell who basically decimated the population from 1.5 million to around 600,000 these people were devout protestants. I prayed to the Lord one time when I was a young teenager and had a dream of a burning castle with a person having a arrow shot in his back with the arrow coming out in his heart he could not move the rest of the people were being burned alive. This caused me to go into cold sweat. I asked the Lord to open my eyes in general. This was the catalyst for finding my roots.



3). The Western media and Public Education has tried to sweep this under the rug and denounce this according to their own narratives that best benefits them not "We the people" . I know this topic was discussed in the Soviet Union and Asia because truth does matter.  I must state this site is not about seeking anything but one thing the truth people should not capitlize off of people who suffered under  Monarchs that was basically brutal dictatorships.



            In conclusion, If some people feel offended I am sorry but at the same time you have offended others by denying the truth and covering up this for many years now it is taking root and perhaps in Private Education they can teach this so that people can make their own judgments and decisions and write books that have a more accurate reflection of truthful historical facts not people who wish to lie and make propaganda for their own gains. I have nothing to gain by this because I have a well established career  but it has often tugged at my heart because when I raise the Irish flag  when doing my shadow kickboxing I tend to do more rounds because my heart pounds example instead of 8 rounds I pushed myself to 10 rounds it motivates me.










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