Exactly how to set up Hella bi xenon projector set in Nissan Sentra


Nissan Sentra produces a new fashion style with an elegant look. The manufacturing facility halogen light bulb with a reflector can not fulfill Benjamin's demand with the dark light. He locates our retrofit shop to aid him make out a retrofit job for his high beam of light. He needs a strong penetration for a long distance in evening driving.


  • We have advised him the replacement set: Aozoom hella 5 bi-xenon projector, Aozoom ballast, and also HeartRay D1S HID bulb.
  • The factory light beam with reflector show on wall is a scatted light with a little dark spot. So we began to upgrade the installation actions.


First, we pulled the headlight off the assemblies. Heat the housing in the oven to remove the cover quickly. While the housings were warm, cleaned up all the channels, maintain the old sealer in a round and it functions like a sticky eraser to remove much more from the headlights. After after that we pierced an opening in the reflector of the low beam to make the Hella 5 projector easy to install in the housing. Mount the xenon projector lens in the housing. Checking the light and also obtain the precise light beam pattern. Finally, while finished the light test, placed as well as sealed the cover right into the housing.

Now you can discover the distinction after the replacement. The high beam with wide uniform lighting to focus light. Benjamin drives the brand-new upgrade for a shot. He was pleased with the retrofit. He would no longer drive with a dim version in night driving. And now he can see the front roadway in advance to avoid danger.


Selecting an ideal projector and an automobile light bulb can boost light illumination in the road. The risk of mishap price can be reduced. If you intend to upgrade your front lights, you can contact us to solve your concern. Safe driving is essential.