How-To Choose A Fluorescent Sign For Your Firm - 2021 Guidelines

LED sign


Neon signs have been a sought-after marketing tool for years and are a great option to advertise the location of a company and to attract potential customers. This century-old technology can be an excellent way to convey information and provide high visibility that can be extremely beneficial, especially for smaller businesses.


Even though old signage is an issue because of their difficulty in installation as well as dismantling and repair in addition to their high energy consumption, that is not the case with contemporary neon signs. These days, they are equipped with technology that is simple to put up, energy efficient and easy to maintain. If you pick a design that is true to your company and brand LED neon signs could be a great way to advertise. Here are some ideas to help you choose how the ideal sign should look like.

The Colors

There are many options to choose the right colors. The most efficient method is to use the colors that are in your logo and incorporate them into your sign. If you want your sign to stand out, you should use bolder, more vibrant colors like reds and bright pinks. If you are placing the signage on the outside of a structure, you should consider picking colors that will be attractive against the building's exterior. Are you still having trouble choosing your colours, you can check out CustomNeon, they offer colour changing LED neon signage, making it possible to have a variety!

Your Building Size and the Location

The size of your LED sign will be determined by the dimensions of your storefront and where you intend to put it. If your signage is going to be displayed on the exterior of a structure, pick an appropriate size that draws attention , but not overly. The longer your storefront is larger, the more prominent your sign could be. It is recommended to put it in an open display.





However, they can also make great indoor decor not just for businesses but also for homes and businesses as well. They are perfect for special occasions such as weddings. Click here to find more about custom neon signs.

Font and what you want It To Say

Whatever message you decide to send, ensure that it is clear and concise. It is important to not use too many words because it can cause visual clutter that can make it difficult to comprehend. Selecting a font that is large and with a color that is distinct from the background against which it's set might be best because it's simple to read, and also eye-catching while at the same time.

Should it include an image?

Incorporating images is fine as you don't distract from the message you are trying to communicate. It is important that the image is identified and is linked to your brand. This allows prospective customers to quickly grasp what you are advertising.


How much money you plan to spend will be determined by certain factors such as the size and the style of your sign. It's worth spending more to ensure a high-quality sign that lasts for a long time. Also, most modern neon signs are low in energy consumption, which means you won't need to worry about costly power bills. You can get more details on LED sign by browsing site.


Besides the obvious benefit of being a fantastic marketing tool, many of today's LED signs are designed to be energy-efficient and safe for the planet as well as children, and don't include any toxic gases. Choosing the right one will improve your business's visibility, bring more attention to it, and draw more customers .