Are You Required To Have An Forklift License To Operate A Walkie Stacker


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Regulations aren't the most exciting part when it comes to purchasing and operating a forklift truck however, you'll need a licence in many cases for operating one. It is crucial to know the kind of licence you'll require. You can obtain forklift training by contacting aiforklifttraining.

The LF Class and LO Class are the two main types of forklift licenses in Australia. This guide will assist you in understanding the requirements if you don't know which type of licence you'll need.

What licenses are required to operate forklifts here in Australia?

Before you are able to operate an forklift in Australia You must be sure that you are carrying the correct and up to date licencing. Before you can obtain an forklift license, you need to be 18 years old or older, possess a solid understanding of the basics of the English language, which includes non-verbal communications, and have proof of identification like a passport or driving licence.

There are two types of forklift licenses:

LF Class - Forklift truck licence

This is the main kind of licence required to operate a forklift, including counterbalance and reach forklift trucks. This covers all types of forklift apart from the ones that pick orders.

LO Class - Order picking forklift truck licence

This type of licence is specific to order picking forklifts, including turret trucks. Forklifts that order pick are those which require that the operator sit at an elevated position.

Australia: Walkie Stacker operation

A walkie-stacker is a pallet truck that operators follow. They are suitable to pick orders in retail and warehouse stores as well as other jobs such as pallet handling and stacking. They are the best solution for smaller loads in workplaces where a forklift truck is not necessary. Walkie stackers are able to carry average load capacities of up to 1 to 2 tonnes.


What are the benefits of a Walkie Stacker?

Forklifts may not be the best option for many situations. This is particularly applicable to smaller warehouses and storage rooms that have fewer demands for material handling. If load carrying equipment is needed to be used for less than 5 hours per day and is used primarily for small to medium-sized loads in a warehouse, then a walkie stacked is a suitable choice.

You don't need a license to operate a walkie-stacker, this is the reason you should consider it instead of forklifts. This means that you won't require the same amount of time or money training employees on how to use walkie-stackers. Furthermore, more employees might be competent and ready to operate them.

Walkie stackers can also be a more cost-effective solution for a company's requirements for handling materials. These units are cheaper than similar equipment and you can choose either electric or manual walkie-stackers. You also get lower operating costs since they do not require fuel. Similar to the majority of electric forklifts that results in less noise and air pollution.

Standard walkie stacker

The most basic model of electric walkie stackers distributes the load with the help of legs that are placed beneath the forks. This equipment is ideal for pallet stacking and transform as it's the smallest unit that is that is available, with an ultra-tight turning circle perfect for operation in tight spaces. Fork Force stocks a variety of walkie-stackers that are standard, that range from Enforcer to Crown to Sumi, Linde and BT.

Walkie straddle stacker

The most well-known walkie straddle stackers found in Australia are the walkie straddle. The straddle legs enable the machine to be closer to the pallet during loading and unloading. This makes it perfect for small spaces. Fork Force has many used straddle stackers for sale and hire and hire, including Enforcer.

Walkie reach stacker

This kind of walker stacker can extend its mast forward to the load to make it easier to access it. This is a useful feature to use for loading trucks and unloading them for instance. We have a range of electric walkie reach stackers available to buy and hire as well as this brand new Enforcer Battery Electric Reach Stacker which can hold up to 2000kg.