5 Things To Discover Just Before Getting A Condominium In Singapore


Tampines St 62 EC floor plan


Buying a condo can be an excellent idea. Condos are typically less expensive than single-family homes and provide a variety of luxury facilities. Condos are an excellent alternative for those who lack the time or ability to maintain a home.

There are downsides too. Condos are expensive fees per month and limitations in the way you use the space. There is a chance that a condo is right for you in Singapore. Millions of people have. But it is important to know what to expect before making a purchase.

What should I know before buying a condo at Tampines St 62 EC?

You're buying a condo in Tampines St 62 EC, which means you will be taking over a building or unit that is part of a larger development or building. You'll own your own unit and take responsibility for its own repairs and maintenance.

However, the building and any surrounding land will belong to a different person. It's typically a legal entity, which is controlled and controlled by you and other condo owners. So you have a legal interest in your property and the surrounding area. And you'll have "easements" which give you access and fair usage rights to the property. But, you'll only be the owner of the unit you decide to purchase. That's not necessarily a disadvantage. It usually is beneficial for all parties. However, there are pros and cons that one must be aware of.

Apartments are typically more affordable however, this is not always the case.

There are two distinct benefits to buying a condo:

It is possible to get more value from your money when you own a condo than a typical single-family house

Additionally, there are facilities like gyms, pools and tennis courts. Additionally, there is landscaping in the outdoor spaces, as well as extra security.

These perks may not be offered for free.

Make more money than you spend

Condos are more affordable than traditional homes, making them an excellent option for those who are first-time buyers. You also get the extra benefits mentioned earlier. However, it is important to take a look at the the cost of homeownership per month as well as the upfront cost of purchase.

This is due to homeowners association charges can cause condos to be more expensive than similar houses month-to-month. There won't be any need to mow the lawn, wash the common areas or climb up a ladder to paint the exterior. However, someone must. As well as the other owners of units are responsible for the payment.


Mortgage requirements are stricter for condos.

It might seem harder to finance condos. But it's true that there are unique difficulties in obtaining the mortgage needed for condos. You can make a check Tampines St 62 EC showflat at the tampinesnorth-ec.com website.

The lenders scrutinize condos to determine if they fulfill certain requirements. And some condos don't. But don't let these challenges put you off -- thousands of homeowners have managed to finance homes this way.

Condo "assessments" can cost you thousands

A Singapore condo company that is well-managed will have ample cash. Each owner is expected to pay a little more each month to build up reserves. That way, it can pay for big-ticket repairs and maintenance whenever they are required. However there are many condo companies that are managed well. So when the roof needs replaced, the central HVAC fails or the windows have to be changed out the money isn't in the bank to pay for the costs.

Condo rules will apply to you

You will receive a copy the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of the Condo Company or your Condo when you purchase a condominium at Tampines St 62 EC.

For instance, windows and external doors may or may not be your property which means that their maintenance might or might not be a concern to you. Central air is often an everyday feature, however individual units of air conditioning units are not always. The details will be stated in your CC&Rs.

Your Condominium shares the liability

Shared interest (part-ownership) of your Condo may mean you share the burden of its shortcomings. If your Condo signs off on a property that has defects, you may have to make the repairs. If your Condo sues a developer to make it take responsibility and you are required to pay legal fees and risk some money should the Condo is unsuccessful. Indeed, you're effectively an unnamed party in any legal proceeding the association takes part in.

Now you know precisely what to be looking for and what to avoid -- so your chances of finding the ideal place are much higher than the majority of people's. However, if you still aren't certain if you're a right fit for living in a condominium it is possible to simplify the decision by thinking about three important aspects: affordability, location, and maintenance.