Keep Your Dear Ones Close to Your Heart with Cremation Jewelry Pendants

Jewelry is a very important part of people’s lives as a lot of time and money is spent on selecting what jewelry is to be included in our lives. A lot of times, a piece of jewelry is not only for aesthetics but it carries a meaning with it. Cremation jewelry is one such instance when the jewelry item is more for the meaning and purpose it carries and less for the show and beauty.


  • <What is Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry is a piece of jewelry that contains the ashes or remains of a deceased loved one so as to carry their memory in a physical form. A very practical form of such type of jewelry is a cremation jewelry pendant which is a pendant with a cavity to hold the remains of the lost loved one. Through cremation jewelry pendant and cremation necklaces the memory of a dear one can be kept close in an actual physical form which makes it easier for people to connect with it and feel the presence of the lost one.

  • Why Choose Cremation Jewelry Pendant?

Cremation jewelry pendants are a very popular choice in people looking for cremation jewelry as these and not very showy, practical and stay really close to the body so as to create the effect of proximity with the loved one.

  • The Different Types of Cremation Jewelry Pendants

These pendants come with either bail or with a screw style. In the bail style, the bail is threaded and it can be opened with your nail which opens a small compartment where the ashes or other items of remembrance can be kept. After keeping the item, the bail is pushed and the compartment is closed shut. In the screw style, a screw style pendant is threaded and there’s a screw present which when unscrewed, gives way to a compartment to keep the ashes. A flat screw opener is used to open or close this screw.