Why Should You Use Public Transportation


public transportation


If you're in a major city, chances are you'll find that public transportation is an option for getting to work or to school. For some this is the only way they're able to travel! There are numerous benefits for public transportation, including decreasing your carbon footprint and saving on gas prices. Here are six reasons why you should consider using frequent public transportation. Check out this web site for effective information public transportation right now.

It saves time.

If you're in a car and you're in a jam, you're dealing with traffic, and you're wasting your time. Going to school or work means that you also have to find parking- which can be a challenge based the location you live in. Your commute will be shorter if you take the bus or train. It starts when your departure is made.

Car drivers spend 39 hours per year in traffic. Public transportation users only spend 30 hours. If you live near a bus or train stop which also has parking at the station, it may be even more efficient, giving you more time to relax on the days you are off.

The public transit users have more than one hour of free time every day, compared with drivers having to deal with traffic.

You'll be healthier

Public transportation is also better for health. It's believed that the emissions of greenhouse gases from vehicles cause 57,000 deaths each year in the US in the US alone.

Even if you live close to the train station or bus stop and you walk there each day, research has proven that people who use public transportation exercise more than those who drive to work or school.

The risk of becoming obese for people who take public transport is 40% lower than for drivers in cars.

You'll reduce your expenses

You can save money if you take public transportation. The typical American household pays around $1500 per year on their vehicle which doesn't even include the cost of gas or insurance.


Even though it costs a little more to get an unlimited monthly pass with your local public transportation, it is still less than the cost of owning the car for every week. It could easily be $100.

A person who uses public transportation can save up to $800 per year when compared to owning a car even though they are changing from driving to transit.

Socializing with other riders is possible.

It is possible to socialize in public transportation with fellow riders. Because you're travelling with other people you can easily engage in conversation- which is good for your mental well-being!

Interacting with people on the train or bus can allow you to make new friends and combat isolation. This is especially true in cities where people live near each other but don't know each other.

A lot of people consider public transport a method to reduce stress and to connect with their neighbors. Public transportation users have half the chance of being depressed than car drivers do.

Your car will last longer

Public transportation will protect your car against corrosion and other damage that could reduce its lifespan.

Although it might seem like you're driving a filthy car, studies have shown that salt water may cause rust quickly on cars' undercarriages, particularly when there are tiny scratches and nicks.

Individuals who choose to take public transit instead of driving will save an average of $2200 per year in repairs related to depreciation for their cars.

It helps reduce traffic congestion.

Transit services reduce congestion and pollution. It is estimated that for every person who ceases driving and takes trains or buses instead, there are around 40 pounds less carbon dioxide emissions.

Car drivers spend an average of 39 hours a year in traffic- but it's a major issue for all motorists when you multiply that by the number of cars in a congestion-ridden road at any one time.

Anyone who switches from driving and taking public transit will save about $1300 per year in car maintenance costs.

Public transport users are more productive than drivers, so they are less likely to be stuck for the whole day in traffic.

Final Notes

In the end , public transportation can be a fantastic way to save money, get healthier, and shield your car from corrosion as well as traffic congestion.

Public transit is a great option since you don't have to worry about parking or getting stuck in traffic congestion.