Why Would I Prefer To Get My Car Cleaned Rather Than Bring It To The Carwash?


Car Wash


Automated car washes are not safe for your car's paint. Mobile Car Cleaning In Accrington operators are aware that their equipment can damage your vehicle, and that's why they've posted signs everywhere assuming no responsibility for damages done to your car. They use harsh chemicals that remove wax and protection off your vehicle. Additionally, the brushes will create scratches on your car's paint called "car wash marks" or swirls. There are a few companies who can effectively clean your car using high-quality cleaning products and expertly trained technicians but they'll cost you so much that you might prefer to hire someone else to do it yourself.

Here's a list of reason to avoid car washes whenever it's possible

Austic Chemicals

Your car is literally being sprayed with acid. Mobile Car Cleaning In Accrington Use "pre-cleaners," "heavy-duty cleaners," containing Hydrofluoric acid and most wheel cleaners have high levels of hydrofluoric acid. The concentrations are strong enough that CDC has issued a cautionary note to all car wash employees. These chemicals can strip the wax's protection and cause damage to your chrome trim and damage the rubber seals. The chemicals that these car washes that are touchless are extremely dangerous and will ruin any polish, wax or clear coat finish

The paint is scratched by scratches

Do not think about the acid for a moment and you're still hurting your paint each time you head to an auto-wash. Do you remember those terrifying, spinning machines from the past that would maul your car to take the dirt off? While they're almost gone however "softer" brushes can still be used to rub against your car's paint and drag it along, and bringing dirt all over. Each particle is basically a tiny piece of sandpaper that is eating away at the paint on your car. This is the reason your car looks old and isn't finished. we can help you save it and make it appear new Book today online or contact us for an appointment today




Water spots

Filtration of water to allow it to be utilized as a medical saline solution can result in mineral deposits forming on the paint. Water spots aren't only disgusting, but since they're basically permanent like cleaning soap scum off your shower, you can't always get them off without intensive polishing. If you drive through the Mobile Car Cleaning In Accrington and then get back on the road with no drying, or just using those cute but ineffective hair blowers move the water across, you'll result in damage to the paint after you've been out in the hot sun. It is also possible to fix this condition by contacting a professional cleaning service.

Hand-Drying At Car Washes Isn't Great Either

Humans! They are at the most expensive, most luxurious Car Wash. They're the best, right? Not quite. Take a look at the rags that they use. Pay close attention to the amount of times these rags are dropped on the ground, only to be taken up. Get a damp shirt and place it in the open to observe how much grit gets being accumulated. Do you want to allow the shirt to rub against your skin? It's not your car.

All of the Above Issues Can Be Corrected at Valetingcars

The truth is, any high-volume car wash facility, even a hand wash location that does not have professional and that are designed to maintain and protect the automotive finish, could pose an extreme threat to your car. You should avoid using harmful methods of drying or washing your vehicle, and you shouldn't use soiled materials to wash/dry it.