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How To Replicate My Recruiting Website In All4W

Cannot follow the 21 Steps?     Email Me Here   

I will do it for you FREE no Q asked - I MUST have the login info for GDI and A4W 

My advice to you is "SAVE this PAGE in your Favorite" then come back and read it to the end and tray to understand the steps and why I have like this - any Q email me.

With this recruiting page you joined my downline has gone wild and viral i have over 500 members and still going in 50 days.   

  Warning:  GDI is a legal company it will require legal paper to prove your name or your company name, if you are using a different name, send a support ticket to have it change, or they can’t pay you.

To get PAID from GDI 1st you must update your "Account Info" located in the left menu - 2nd go under the tab “Preferred Commission” update how you want to get paid.

  Important:   If you do not have a rotator to advertise and help your Downline go to Step 20  on this page for details - join the rotator after you have created your recruiting page.

Step 0  How to make a website with GDI WordPress - If you want to create the recruiting website with GDI Word Press here it is how it will look like Click Here then Click Here for compleate instructions. (I do not work on WordPress and do not like how it looks) -   If you have your own editor use yours if you so choose.

Step 1  How to make a website with All4Webs - if you want to create the recruiting website with All4Webs and be a leader for your Dowline to create same website for them if so Join Click Here or login if you are a member - here it is haw it look like in A4W Click Here Warning as a free member in A4W you are allowed to receive ONLY 250 hits per day then your site will not be visible -  You must be an upgraded member for unlimited hits, If your choice is A4W follow below on Step 2.   
or read this entire site before you start.
If you have your own editor use yours if you so choose.
-If you do not want to do all this below but you just want a recruiting site like this mine just email me with your GDI username and password.

Step 2  after you have joined A4W must confirm your email, google may ask to enable cookies go click here to see how to

Step 3  Go to this site Click Here it will open in a new window and copy entire code

Step 4  Login to A4W and click on Edit: "Home" Page 

Step 5  Under this menu Page Style:  at the very bottom choose _none_v2   under Headline: delete welcome 

Step 6  Click once on the word "Source" you will see all tabs turn grey - then step7

Step 7  click in the center at the blank page once, with all tabs grey now there are 2 ways you can paste the code you copied on step3 - first way to paste is: hit ctrl and the letter V - second way to paste is: right click and in that window that pup up click on past and you will paste the code you copied on step #3

Step 8  On your key board with two finger at the same time hit ctrl and the letter F a window to search will open in Google in the upper right corner of your screen.

Step 9 Write in that window actionteam then hit enter and you will see highlighted in yellow my username, you need to replace my username with yours 4 times.

Step 10  Go to the highlighted word "actionteam" with your mouse and point in the center of highlighted word DoubleClick and you will see change to blue.

Step 11  Now just write your username in the blue area only! - and replace my username actionteam with yours.

Step 12  Go to the search window above and click the arrow if is Chrome browser it will highlight the next one do this 4 times.

Step 13  Go at the very bottom and click Save Settings

Step 14  Now you see the link created for your recruiter site at the top, copy that link and scroll to the bootom.

Step 15  Under Link URL   paste the link you just copied on step #14

Step 16  Under Link Name just copy and paste this: "Cannot Lose -- You Get A Website Like This Coted To You -- Paid Members Under You ==>> Sure Success!"

Step 17  Click Save Settings you done your site is ready to go on the net - you can forward to your GDI domain as in step #19.

Step 18  Now you can advertise that link or forward to the domain you created with GDI I did that look alexander-k.ws 

Step 18A  To create website for your Downline – log into A4W click on the left menu to “Add WebPage” next to “Page Name:” enter their first and last name and click “Save” next click on “Member Home” in the left menu, click on that name page you created next to "Edit" and now next go and follow from Step #6 above following down.

Step 19  to forward the website you created to the domain you registered with GDI just follow the instructions below. 

1) Login to GDI click on the link “Domain” in the left of the menu
2) Click on the link “URL Forwarding” 
3) Next to your domain in the space place the site I give you or you created in All4Webs
4) place a check mark where it say “Mask
5) Click “Update” at the bottom
If You Cannot do this redirection DO NOT BE SHAY send me the GDI Login I will do it for you no charge!

Step 19A  Below is How you transfere members to your Dowline

1. Login to your account at www.website.ws/members.
2. Click on the button that says "Downline" located in the menu on the right.
3. Click on the "Move Downline" button.
4. On step 1, select the member or members you wish to move place a check in the box
5. On step 2, select the member to where you would like to move to place a check in the box
6. On step 3, check the box confirming you have read and agree to the terms of your downline move(s). Please keep in mind that all moves are final and not reversible.

The person you move a member or members to will not only benefit from having downline members themselves but also from being able to generate some commissions from them. Please note that you as the direct referrer will continue to earn commissions from these downline members as long as they remain in your downline structure. The downline members will also count towards any potential bonuses you may be eligible for.

Step 20    Important:  once you have created your recruiting page in A4W and have referrals in your Downline need to advertise for them with a rotator.  - If all this below is difficult for you go to Step 22.

- join this rotator Click Here you must be upgraded to work good for only $9.99 per year - BUT if you have one of your own USE - once you have joined the rotor, login and create 2 rotator: rotor1 you name "GDI Downline members up to level 5" - rotor2 you name "GDI downline in NewWaySurf" - add your signup referral link as I show below and place it in rotor1 -  take rotor1 link and replace in A4W in place of your sign-up link - take rotor2 link and place in NWS under the tab "Rotator" - note if you are NOT upgraded in FreeRotor.com it will NOT pass the test. 

- when you get a referral make their signup link like as I show here:
https://www.website.ws/signup/index.dhtml?sponsor=xxxxx&src=VHMF&last_page=DSP_13  copy entire link and place it in a note pad and just replace the xxxxx with your username - in the future you will replace the xxxxx with their username and place the entire link in your rotator1.  You CAN advertise for your DL until they have 3 to 4 referrals, after that you take their link out of the rotator or if they become deactivated by GDI. 

Once you have created the first rotator that look like this http://freerotator.com/ro/?r=1&u=ak888

Go to All4Weabs login and replace your entire GDI referral link that look like this 
"https://www.website.ws/signup/index.dhtml?sponsor=actionteam&src=VHMF&last_page=DSP_13" with rotor1 make sure to do in-between those two symbols "yoursignuplink" and replace it with rotor1 you created above in place of your GDI signup link, make sure fits exactly in-between the symbols

 Here it Is How All Work: - I advertise in my rotator for ALL my GDI Downline up to 5th level deep - as they get 4 referrals I delete them out of the rotor1
You will advertise for your GDI Downline up to 5 level deep - as they get 4 referrals you take them out of the rotor1.  - Just think how viral it will get down 5 level.

Example - let say Mary join you so I advertise for her and you do the same till she has 4 referral - By now she got Joe and she places him in her rotor - but also Mary & Joe are in your rotor and in my rotor till they get 4 referrals.  

  How to Add Links In FreeRotor.com:  - login click on the tab "Rotator" on the left under menu under "URL Tools" then click on "GDI Downline Members up to level 5" then click on the upper right on the tab "Add URL" add their website in the appropriate box and click "Save Link" you are done.
it is automatically added on the internet were ever you are advertising the NewWaySurf rotator link

 Step 21  For the purpose of advertising on TrafficExchanges YOU must create a second rotator, rotor2 in FreeRotor.com or in yours if you already have one - This will be rotor2  you name it "GDI downline in NewWaySurfyou will add the link from All4Webs I send you or the link you have created yourself in All4Webs or in GDI WordPress or in your Editor.   

- Go join this NWS TE Click Here which I have tested to work good and place rotator2 link you created in in FreeRotor.com under the tab "Rotator" in NewWaySurf now take the rotor link from NWS that look like this: http://www.newwaysurf.com/rotate.php?id=48548  and post it under the tab "SitesIn NewWaySurf - now  anow take the NWS Rotator and place it in TrafficAdBar go Click Here and now you will get a link that look like this: http://trafficadbar.com/_bpu2 advertise this TAB link everywhere on the net, in TE and Autosurfer, it will advertise your website and create points for TAB, TrafficExchenges Click Here.  for Autosurfers Click Here  (reason to join NewWaySurf is because in some TE they do not accept certain links).  the NWS link is accepted everywhere and It is working like a champ for me.
-If you have your own way to advertise by no mean use them and let me know also to pass to our DL.  

 How to Add Links in NewWaySurf:  Login click on the tab "Rotator" then click tan "Add New Site" place the Rotator link created in FreeRotor in the box next to:  Website URL then click "Add" you are done - now copy the NewWaySurf rotor located above this tab "Add New Site" that look like this http://www.newwaysurf.com/rotate.php?id=48548 and now click on the tab "Sites" above located in the main menu and click "Add New Site" and place the NewWaySurf rotor that look like this:  http://www.newwaysurf.com/rotate.php?id=48548 in the space next to "Url:" and click "Add" you done now this link rotator with your downline will be showing to all the members of NewWaySurf as they surf sites.  Ifall this above is difficult for you go to Step 22.

 Step 22       THE RECOMMENDED SET-UP for One-Time Fee with PP - Pza - STP - BC -  

If you asking for a website like mine here it will be FREE - want complete set-up? follow below

I will Need your GDI login username and pass.  I will need All4Webs login username and pass - must be upgraded.
I will need you to join this rotor - Click Here  - send me the info - upgrade to Silver for $9.99 per Year, the cheapest i have found and work best for our purpose - - or if you cannot afford to upgrsade FreeRotor to silver, i will create a second rotator in mine and you will have no access to it.
I will need you to join this TE send me the info - Click Here  - Surf daily
I will need you to join TrafficAdBar send me the info - Click Here  - Surf daily
I will need you to join this AS autosurf send me the info - Click Here -  Autosurf daily to create points in TAB
I will need you to join TrafficG send me the info - Click Here - Surf daily

Once I get your info correct and paid Here, i will set it up system compleate for you in 24H  - The good part of all this is that you will be advertising only 2 links for up to 4 of your programs - I will provide you the links once I am done.  

  Note: If you are in AIOP I will need your AIOP login info also, if you are under my AIOP TEAM or not under my team and I will supply a cap page like this: http://alexander-k.ws/​    

Full cost:
Complete GDI set-up with the programs above and recruiting page - $7  

Complete GDI set-up with the programs above with AIOP under my Team - $10
Complete GDI set-up with the programs above with AIOP Not under my Team - $15  

With any choice above and including TEHB - $25   
If you are in TEHB and want me to set up only TEHB I will need email and pass with onetime -$10 

  Ready to Pay the One-Time with PP - Pza - STP - BC - Click Here  

 Cannot follow the 21 Steps?   Email Me Here    I will do it for you FREE no Q asked   -   I MUST have the login info for GDI and A4W if you have joined  

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