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Are you giving your prospects useful information about your business, or just shouting out about how great it is? It is estimated that 95% of would-be Internet Marketers are not making any money. So how can you overcome these odds and be successful? It's really very simple, stop doing the same thing they are! The First Rule of Marketing is to position yourself against your competition. If one person in a crowd starts waving a red flag they immediately stand out. But if 10,000 people start waving red flags no individual is noticeable.






Let me explain. "Stop Selling and Start Telling". Instead of hawking your offers like everyone else is doing, start offering other marketers information that will help them in their business. Find out what they need, what their fears are, and what their desires are. People buy for two reasons and they are both emotional... fear of losing something or missing out on something. If you just remember this and get to know the mindset of your prospects you can then offer your product as a solution to their problems. People are more likely to buy from people they know and trust and that has shown an interest in helping them solve their problems. This promotional method is known as Attraction Marketing. It will separate you from the crowd and make others much more likely to join your programs and buy your products and services. This is definitely a game-changer! 

That is why I am going to give you the very same reports that I write and use every day to attract prospects to my offers. And that's not all... I am going to give you free rebranding rights to all my reports, and all of those I write in the future! That's right. You can put your name and company name on them and rebrand them, put your own links in them and distribute them however you like. Heck, I'll even give you this webpage so you can build you a whole army of sales associates making you money on auto-pilot! I will also show you how to set this up and give you the software you need. The process is really very simple.

But, here's the best part. You may also use these exact viral reports to giveaway so that other marketers will be promoting your business to an unlimited number of other smart marketers and they will automatically be advertising your business for you. I will also give you some banners and ads that you can use to advertise them with which you and your members, and their members, and so on, can use.

You essentially have your own affiliate program with members that leverage permanent traffic and sales from potentially thousands. ​
Your members will love you for giving them this new unique method to build their businesses that will have them making money too! 

Allowing others to change the links in your reports to their own will not only help them to promote their businesses but you will be presenting your offers to multiple prospects on a continual basis without any effort on your part. Others will be more willing to give away a report if they can see a benefit to themselves. Allowing this change of links gives them that incentive.

A situation that is especially beneficial is when you have affiliates helping with your promotion. It also works if you are promoting other marketers' products and have affiliates under you. They will feel more inclined to use the reports and you will benefit by getting increased money from their added sales.

As you give away your free reports you will be considered the expert on the subject of your reports and will benefit from the increased sales of your affiliates. You will build a positive reputation online while branding yourself just like the big dogs do! This is a positive option all around.

The most powerful marketing tools that you can give your affiliates is a well-written PDF report or e-book that they can give away for free to bring people into their business, sell their products, or profit from whatever offers they promote, all while building your own mailing list.


Viral Marketing with Brandable PDF Files is a Proven Way To Explode Affiliate Sales!

Give your affiliates the tools they need to effectively advertise their business. You can explode the growth of your mailing list and increase sales by offering informative information. Free Reports are awesome sales making and list building tools.

You will need branding software to brand your reports. PDF Power Brand has all the features you will need in a PDF Branding Software. Their free software is very easy to use even if have never branded any content before. It is also fully functional and never expires.

  • Brand Regular Text In PDF Files
  • Brand URL's in PDF Files
  • Brand Hyperlink Text in PDF Files
  • Insert Default Tags (in cases where not all the tags in a brandable PDF file are likely to be branded, you can insert default values to be used). This way if they do not brand a link their sale will roll-up to you.

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