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7 Deadly Affiliate Marketing Mistakes


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You are considering joining this phenomenal new Affiliate program. They have an incredible offer, free referral websites, prepared advertisements for you to duplicate, and the best pay plan on the planet. This is the best member program on the web! Put a few advertisements out there and you are en route to becoming a marketing tycoon.

However, before you start planning on building that new dream home here are the most common errors affiliates make that you'll need to stay away from. Making these deadly mistakes can kill your business... and your dreams.

1. Choosing the wrong program:

Are you being too gullible about the promises advanced by the program owners? The income projections that each program makes are only that, projections. Are their income claims actually realistic? Consider all the possible pros and cons that will affect your future promotional efforts. Do you really have enough confidence in this program to stay with it until you are successful? Have you researched the company. Are the owners credibility? Have you studied the reviews of others that are, or have previously been, involved with the program? There are a plethora of good affiliate programs available, but there are also many that are unstable or produce little results. Choose the affiliate program you promote wisely or else you could be dead in the water.

2. Expecting rewards with little effort:

Are you prepared to work your business consistently and devote time to it daily? If you opened a neighborhood store you would plan to go into work every day, wouldn't you? And you would expect to have to publicize it to attract customers. All things considered, you simply opened your very own shiny new web store. How much time are you willing to commit to attracting prospects that may be interested in what you have to offer? It takes time to build any business. Chances of success without putting forth a lot of effort are unrealistic.

3. An absence of planning and objectives:

Do you have a goal and a sound plan of action to accomplish it? Numerous individuals choose a business opportunity with a burning desire to make quick profits but have no actual plan to make that a reality. Ask yourself how soon you expect to make money, and how much money do you expect to make? Endeavor to be sensible here; making a million dollars in six months isn't practical. Affirm your own particular objectives. How are you going to arrive at your financial destination? Have you carefully defined the strategies that you will effect in order to make your venture successful?

4. Failure to adequately promote your offer:

What happens if you don't promote your products and services, how are you expecting to get leads and members into your downline? Do you know what type of marketing will have the best chance of getting results for the type of program you are promoting? Do you have an adequate advertising budget to grow your business? When you don't advertise your business something terrible happens... nothing!

5. Not separating yourself from others promoting the same offer:

Most affiliates just slap up their affiliate website, send a little traffic to it, and wonder why people are not joining their program in droves. Do you have a unique approach that will give you an advantage over your competition? Do you have your own capture page rather than the cookie cutter page your program gives you? Each associate for your program gets the exact same site. One way to get noticed is to have your own unique page. If one person in a crowd starts waving a red flag they immediately stand out. But if 10,000 people start waving red flags, it becomes impossible to pick out one individual.

6. Selling instead of telling:

Instead of hawking your offer like everyone else is doing start offering people information that will help them in their business then offer your product as a solution to their problem. They will be more likely to trust you. People do business with people they trust and that have an interest in helping them solve their problems. Write text ads, emails, articles, give away free reports and ebooks. Give your potential customers something of value. Change your mindset to sell something to that of helping others get what they need to succeed and you will succeed.

7. Not reaching out for help:

Perhaps you've been working your business for a few months with little or no results. You're getting frustrated and starting to wonder if you can ever make this work for you. In spite of all the perceived failures commit to learning what you are doing wrong or not doing that you should be. Don't hesitate to reach out for support from your upline and others that are succeeding so that they can assist you. Never give up! Nobody at any point made progress giving up. Neither will you. You may be on the threshold of a breakthrough and not even know it. The reason most people fail is that they give up too soon.

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