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According to Einstein, Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it … he who doesn't … pays it.”  Which one are you?

ITP Corporation Calculation with a $108 deposit for 1 year. Your $100 deposit plus your $8 gift from ITP.  
the numbers below are for passive people.
People who share with others end up with more: a higher percentage, level Groth, p
lus 3-level Affiliate Commissions.

Compounding your $8 gift alone at 2.5% daily over 
 12 months earns you a total of $67,301.50. 
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  Compounding your minimum $100 alone at 2.5% daily 
 over 30 Days earn you a total of $200.00 

Your $108 may look like this ($908,570.20) after 12 months.
Or ($20,000.00) after 6 months.

 You don't have $100
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  1. Watch the Video Above entirely to understand how it works.
  2.   All Transactions are in Crypto - USDT TRC20
  3.  You can use the Web Version, the APP, or both. It's your choice.
  4. You can Download the APP (ITP Technology) from the Apple Store or Google Play.
  5.  Ensure to Select the right country code for your phone number.
  6.  Start using your $8 Gift to auto-trade & Compound daily.
  7.  Consider funding your account with at least $100 for maximum daily Profits.
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    1. Go to the bottom of the page and click on "Quantize" (next to home) You will see a white box on top that has a deposit underneath that, you will see a blue tab that says
    "Single Start ITP Quantization"

    2. Click on that and start the AI to do your trades.

    3. you will click on that tab 5 times until you go from 5/5/ to 0/5 then you are done for the day you need to do that every day

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Invitation Code to use (Case Sensitive): 4B5435 

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