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Below is the googlepay setup  



Hello Team,

This is just incredible!

I hope you guys are ready for it! Did you know that your gmail is already hooked to a account. I am dead serious! Log into your gmail like regular. Then while your gmail is open click or type the link above into a different address tab and your account should open right up. Then all you would have to do is add your credit/debit card whichever you prefer. Adjust your settings of what you need and you are all set. no lengthy time getting verified by sending all your documents across the world or ID. Plus no one ever sees your credit card information. It is securely tucked away. All you do is use your gmail address to pay people and receive payments.

You even get paid directly to your card which if it is a debit card, it goes right to your bank in minutes (advise using a different card like a business account versus your primary, but you can use either one both are safe). I am now a true fan of GooglePay. No transaction fees to transfer member to member. No withdraw period, no hassles, no issues. I wish I would have tried them years ago!

For USA and Canada members this is the perfect alternative to Payza which has stolen most of our money. Do not have to worry about being locked out of account and money still being in there you can't get to because it is uploaded direct into your account. It is a true payment processor. Remember how hard it was to get verified with other processors? Not with this one! I LOVE IT!!! I am telling everyone I know. It is such a stress reliever!

Not to mention this opens up an even wider base of operations to reach members further across the world. Billions and Billions of people use gmail. It makes it much more easier to manage subscriptions and memberships.

Don't have the money this month for your membership, don't worry about trying to cancel it in time. Just don't pay it and your membership will be canceled by that admin. Truly a more valuable way to conduct business in our niche.

But don't just take my word for it. Try it out for yourself to see the benefits. I want you to be completely informed, and it's free to activate! (It's already activated you just have to add your preferred payment method)

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