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 This page is for IPA's only. Read through all information before marketing your page
Email Me if you want same page coded to you with your links - You are an Advertiser  

You have made the right choice to become an IPA! As an Independent Partner/Affiliate you have the opportunity to own your own advertising website, you now are an advertiser with the site all coded to you and you will make some solid money monthly, if you promote and keep your customers happy! It is a very simple program that delivers results because you are offering the one thing that every marketer loves and needs, HELP ADVERTISING! Your Job now is to provide great customer service and advertise in all the traffic exchanges and mailers you are a member of. PLEASE DO NOT SPAM!! We have put together simple instructions on how to get started.

We are going to provide you with a number of options for set up. You will have the choice of using your own hosting if you have and creating your own page or using free hosting wix.com if you know how to do coding there - or using All4Webs.com or you can have me do the coding and hosting for $4.00 per month for the life of your services, I am here to help you in any way you ask till you are set making money. Coding and hosting subscription can be paid using Paypal only, Click Here  After you have paid the hosting and coding Subscription email me HERE with subject: "Make me the Advertising Site" - in the body: Include the receipt Plus username and password of A4Webs if I need to make the site for you

First, let's look at your free options.

If you have your own website and hosting, of course that is the cheapest way to go. If you don't then a great website that will have easy website building and free hosting is wix.com or All4Webs.com You can right click on the screen and copy and paste the html code into the wix or A4W page and make sure to change any referral links to your referral links. This route will take a little longer than 1 hr to fully get set up. But you will have admin to answer questions for you as well as wix support to get through any issues. If you choose to copy and paste using just email marketing, you must remember not to spam anyone. You can create lead capture pages to direct them to your emails to avoid any spam complaints. Same goes for using social media. The best way for social media is to create a fan page and promote it that way. 
If you do not know coding I am here for you just email me HERE 

Those are just some ideas to help get you going in the right direction.

With this system you will be making some very easy money, you will own your own advertising site - but you must live up to your contract. If you are hired to advertise for your client(s) then all you have to do is take a few seconds and copy their link, make sure it doesn't violate our terms listed on the sales page and paste into your rotator if you have one if you need a rotator Get it Here is Free .

Now, Lets Set up and Started! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

STEP 1: Sign up for a Skrill - GooglePay - PayPal account. The skrill and PayPal account is to process those payments from US and outside US. GooglePay is to process US payments only. Make sure the three accounts have the same payment email to list on the sales page, if not need to specify what email is for. (that is very important) Already got all three? Even better! Continue to Step 2..

STEP 2: Pick your hosting and coding option. If you elect to do it yourself using your own hosting or wix.com or All4Webs.com skip step 3 and go to step 4: Page Set Up.

STEP 3: If you elect to have admin code and host your page Contact Support Here.

STEP 4: Salespage Set Up: The good thing about this salespage is that you will be able to make just a few quick adjustments and be ready to go once you figure out what hosting you desire. The major change would be to the 5 names. Do not cheat the system. Follow the simple instructions below and everyone wins!

When you change the emails you are going to replace your payment email (skrill, googlepay and paypal email should be the same) to the #1 position and you will move all other emails down 1 position and the current #5 position will fall off the list.
For Example:
The Old list will look something like this:
1. [email protected]
2. [email protected]
3. [email protected]
4. [email protected]
5. [email protected]

The New list will look like this:
1. (your email goes here)
2. [email protected]
3. [email protected]
4. [email protected]
5. [email protected]

As far as the sales page is concerned you are all set for what you got to do. Double check that all referral links have been changed to your referral links. And you are ready to go!

STEP 5: Acquiring your rotator to input your clients referral links. Clients are only allowed one link for you to advertise unless the pay you another $2 for additional links. Do not encourage this. If they offer that is something different. Your rotators will have too many links to have additional links from the same member. It would be best to have additional rotator links available if you need them. You can get a free rotator link from VWS free including tracking and clocking or you can purchase one from Trck.me because of it's wider usage and unlimited links if I need them plus extensive tracking.


STEP 6: Send a confirmation email to your clients acknowledging receipt of their advertising link. and give them access to the setup area.

It is your JOB to make sure that each person receives access to the set up area page after they made a purchase from you. "We Ad 4 You" program is 100% automated only when your prospects follow the instructions on the sales page after completing their purchase. You are REQUIRED to send them the following pre-written email below giving them access to become an IPA. This will viralize your online income tremendously! So avoiding to do this step is not an option if you want the high dollar income!

Since you will get notifications that you have received a payment from GooglePay or Skrill or PayPal you will have the name and email address of the person that just paid you. ALL payments are 100% Member-to-Member, we DO NOT get to touch your money.
You should try to send this email to them as quickly as possible. Try to do it within 30 to 60 minutes of the completed order and absolutely no later than 24 hours!

Here is the prewritten message you need to send:

Email Subject:
RE: Receipt Of Your Link For Advertising

Email Body:

Hello (Your Clients Name Goes HERE),

Thank you for hiring me to advertise for you!
This is to confirm receipt of your link you would like me
to add to my rotator for advertising:

===> (Their advertising link for your rotator here)

This is my pledge to you. I do promise to uphold great
customer service and advertise your link on my rotator
For a period no less than 30days.

If you decide to join our income earning team, here is
the link to set up your income earning page.

===> http://viralistbuilder.com/wead4usetup.php

I am looking forward to working with you.

Your Partner For Success,

(Your name),
(Your email @gmail.com)

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Before you start promoting your salespage you need to double and triple check all your links to make sure they lead to where you want them to. It is your responsibility to make sure the payment buttons work and all referral links in your page that lead to other sites you are referring your clients to. This could mean lost sales if you do not check them!



*We Advertise For You - TOS, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer*

Terms Of Use:
Your participation in the program is strictly voluntary. As an IPA associate you are guaranteed you will be paid 100% commissions member to member for your services in advertising your clients one promotion link for a period no less than 30 days. This is a binding contract because you are being paid for direct services. Although we have a "No Refunds Policy", breach of contract can and/or will result in a refund. Customer satisfaction is your top priority.
Your rotator must NOT advertise any link that violates the "Non-Authorized Links." This is to keep your account from being locked out at Traffic Resources.

This list includes, but not limited to;

- No IPA will advertise another rotator link inside a rotator. This causes problems in exchanges and other areas.

- No IPA will advertise any malicious, phishing, or virus links.

- No IPA will Advertise any shortened links such as bitly or tiny url. All links must be the original referral link.

- No websites that contain or are in reference to but not limited to porn, firearms, gambling, alcohol, drugs (medicinal or street), ponzi schemes, pyramids, chain letters, or any actions that relates to doing harm to others.

There are no exceptions to this rule. If you are in doubt, then it probably can't be advertised!

Hosting will be primarily made at viralistbuilder.com unless You choose to code and host a website yourself. Viralistbuilder and it's staff will not be held liable for any IPA's conduct, sales, or chargebacks. All services from IPA's are independently contracted.

Privacy Policy:
All information received from clients must be kept confidential. Your continued use of this program or any variations of it bind you to an agreement of this information. You can not sell, trade, or share any of your clients information to any 3rd party.

Earnings Disclaimer:
As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individuals success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation"

There is a NO Refunds policy in effect. Our program functions on an "As Is" website and all purchases are final. We Advertise For You is an independent service provider of immediate advertising for new marketers. We give immediate access to $1000s worth of bonuses on the binding contract of our service.™

Advertising / Marketing Spam Policy:
You will use Non-SPAM methods of promotion to get people from all around the world to visit your IPA salespage.

If You Are Not A Member Yet you must join -
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How To Advertise Your Page

The best choice would be to start off in the traffic exchanges in your downline builder above. Many marketers struggle in the traffic exchanges to get views so they will be more eager to get assistance. I have included a couple of splash page links at the bottom to assist you in advertising. This is high converting and will definitely put some money in your pockets. Just remember, advertise the service, not the affiliate program. 

Top Recommended Mailers . Free to Join
1. SOTAM . Join Here
2. Adchiever . Join Here
3. ListJoe . Join Here
4. FastListMailer . Join Here
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6. List Surfing . Join Here

TOP Recommended PTC sites . Free to Join
1. Clixsense . Join Here (Since 2007.)
2. PaidToClick . Join Here (Since 2008.)

Traffic Exchange
What is a traffic exchange? A traffic exchange is a membership site where all members can surf and view other members sites. This is done based on a system of credits where 1 credit is equal to one random member of the site to visit your page for a set amount of seconds. You can also convert these credits into banner and text ads to help promote your sites even more. Each exchange has upgrade options which will allow you to earn more credits and normally a higher commission rate as well.

By referring others to these traffic exchanges you will earn a portion of their credits earned while surfing along with commissions if they upgrade or buy advertising on the site. By creating a solid downline of active members you can drive more traffic and even earn cash paid to you via PayPal for doing so.

You must surf to gain credts and your link will be seen by others. Surf as much as possible to get results and sales

TOP Recommended Traffic Exchanges . Free to Join
1. Easyhits4u . Join Here (Since 2003.)
2. TrafficSwirl . Join Here (77,000+ Members) - - THE BEST TE EVER
3. Hits-A-Million. Join Here
4. 1-1 Hits.com. Join Here
5. Free Traffic Sites Click Here Now - You are not obligated to join them unless you want to.

If you are willing to invest some time and energy into your advertising, then it is possible to attract prospects and connections without spending any money :)

Follow these simple steps, and make UNLIMITED INCOME!
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Promotional Materials

Below are promotional materials you can use. You are more than welcome to create your own. These are just some to get you going in the right direction.
Banner Image: Is the actual picture of promo material Banner Target: Is the website it is going to take you to. (This you will need to change if you do your own hosting).
Banner image: https://www.viralistbuilder.com/images/wead4u125x125.png
Banner Target: https://viralistbuilder.com/wead4u.php

Banner image: https://www.viralistbuilder.com/images/wead4u125x125.gif
Banner Target: https://viralistbuilder.com/wead4u.php

Banner image: https://www.viralistbuilder.com/images/wead4uban1.gif
Banner Target: https://viralistbuilder.com/wead4u.php

Banner image: https://www.viralistbuilder.com/images/wead4uban2.gif
Banner Target: https://viralistbuilder.com/wead4u.php

Banner image: https://www.viralistbuilder.com/images/wead4usplash1.gif
Banner Target: https://viralistbuilder.com/wead4u.php

Banner image: https://www.viralistbuilder.com/images/weadad4usplash2.gif
Banner Target: https://viralistbuilder.com/wead4u.php

Banner image: https://www.viralistbuilder.com/images/wead4usplash3.gif
Banner Target: https://viralistbuilder.com/wead4u.php

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