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 What to Send Prospect When He Respond to Email


Using this email just copy and place it in a NOTE PAD adjust the email and YOUR UA4S username at the end of the link

Hi there 

First I thank you for your interest in what I sent to you. You must have guessed that this is a new venture but with an excellent company behind it but possibly even more important is that it is a TEAM effort albeit in its early stages.                                   

- As of now you do not have to pay anything as I will pay your entry fee. Just sign up using the link below and I'll pay for you.

You will be notified when payment is completed.

Let me tell you, when you get your 9, including your own 3, (Optiona no NEED if cannot afford) total entry costs still only $19.80 and that is spread over however long it takes to get those numbers. I hope that in your case that probably wouldn't take long?!!  And you will also be making money as you build.

Here's the link where you Sign-up for FREE then login and pay your first entry and I will Pay for your second position and send you immediately complete 
instructions on what to do to be a part of the "Power of Nine-30K-in-30Ds" TEAM.                                                  

Come join us here

You'll be glad you did! You have nothing to lose! Then email me who is your upline.

- “THE POWER OF NINE-30K-in-30Ds" Is For Serious Marketers ONLY.

It will be great working with you.
I want to welcome you to our "The Power of Nine" TEAM!

You are at the right place at the right time! My name is Richard Trotter (my sponsor) founder and Team Leader! 

I want you to know that I'm totally 100% dedicated to the company "Unique Advertising 4 Sure" and to your success!

Any other Questions I am here for you, together let's make it happen  

I hope to see you there
Sincerely, Action TEAM
[email protected]

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