How To Replicate My Recruiting Website In GDI WP 

 If you cannot follow the 18 steps email me I will do it for you FREE no Q?Asked - i must have the login info for GDI 

1. Login to your GDI back office

2. On the left menu scroll down and click "Wordpress And More"

3. On the next page you will see "Wordpress Blog", it will a name such as  gdiblog.your-domain-name, you can edit the gdiblog to what ever you want, may I suggest change it to actionteam.your-domain-name.

4. On the right hand side click edit, a new window will appear for you to login, enter your GDI login details.

5. You will be presented with your wordpress dashboard.

6. The way I have done it is to create a new page rather than delete the original front face Post of the blog. You can create as many page as you like.

7. On the left menu, hover your mouse over the word "Pages", then click on "Ad New" a new blank page will come up.

8. Where it says "Enter title here", type in "Join GDI Action Team Today!"

9. On the right hand side you will see two tabs "Visual" and " Text", click on Text.

10. In the big white box, simply copy and paste the code that I have Click Here.

11. Once you have done that, cick on the "Visual" tab and everything should be done.

12. Scroll down to each of the "Click Here To Get Started" buttons, there is 3 of them. Put your mouse over the wording and left click, a box will appear, with the signup link, next to it, is a pencil icon, click that to edit the link, when you first click the pencil icon, the link will be highlighted in blue, put your mouse anywhere on the link and click, now it is no longer highlighted, use your right arrow and the link will scroll to the right, when you get to the spot that says sponsor= sandpitprofits or actionteam use your mouse to highlight "sandpitprofits" and copy and paste your username in it's place, left click the blue arrow that says Apply. Once you have done that, left click anywhere in the white box and the link box will disappear, do the same to all 3 links. The bottom one is a bit hard to see, as it's in the black photo area, it says "Click Here To Pay Your $10 Bucks"

13. Test the links by putting your mouse over the "Click Here To Get Started" wording, this time when the link appears, simply left click the link not the pencil icon.  Your sign up page should open in a new browser, make sure all your details in the top right hand side are correct. Close the signup browser.

14. On the right hand side you can click on Preview and a new browser will open, make sure it all looks ok. close the browser.

15. On the right hand side, click on "Publish"

16. At the top, under the Heading that say "Join GDI Action Team Today!" you will see a link next to where it says "Permalink" This is the link to your page which you advertise. you can actually have this link re-directed to your domain name if you wish, this is done inside your GDI back office.

17. You are now done, all you need to do is log out, by going to the top black menu on the right hand side, click on Howdy, admin and log out. I suggest you copy the login in link that's in the browser, that way you can login to your website without having to first login to GDI if you ever want to work on your wordpress website.

18. Test your link to make it works, as well as your sign up tabs.

 If you cannot follow the 18 steps email me I will do it for you FREE no Q?Asked - i must have the login info for GDI 

Below is the email I been using - just change the website, email and name.

Friend Marketer, I Will Place People under You...No Hype


Friend Marketer,

I will keep this sweet and short.

It is always good to have a second income


I have a system that recruits like crazy.

So I have decided to place signed ups

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It converts extremely well.

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  If you have joined under me or my Downline
no need to re-join just send me an email

I will place you in my rotator and
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Action TEAM

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