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Seems like everywhere you turn, people are making money online today. They all make it look so easy. However, when you try to do the same thing, you only earn a few pennies...It's frustrating! You'd love if you could make only $100 per day (more is always good, though...). You just don't know how...and don't know who to ask for help!

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Yeah, you heard me right... you can make money easily with our team system once you setup this for yourself! The setup process is very easy. We'll send you the required information after you join our team build through the link below.

                                   Watch TW owner Brian Rooney explain the affiliate program:

As you can see,   you only need 10 personal referred sales   and you can make up to $88,587 in monthly residual commissions! That’s simply amazing… 
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1K Per Month Plan
Welcome to the 1K Trafficwave Team Build

Hello TEAM Member,

Thank you for requesting more information regarding our 1K Team and the Trafficwave Program we Promote. Traffic Wave is a fully functional autoresponder, so it is a product that pretty much every online business needs and this should make it easier to sell and refer others too. The company was founded in 2000 and is Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited.
The 1K team is designed to give you a step by step approach to building a five figure income online.
If you are ready to commit to following these steps and working with our team, you are going to
experience a tremendous amount of success.


We are building our Trafficwave affiliiate programs with The Matrix Buster TW System.
What is The Matrix Buster? Simple, Every member joins Free and gets their 30 days trial
then 2nd month paid for by their sponsor so you will have 2 months to build your TEAM.
Remember we help you sponsoring with a rotator and a common link - Can't Fail Here.
It costs you nothing to start and when it's time for you to pay for your referrals
it costs you nothing!
Because Trafficwave pays you Fast Track Bonus of $17.95 for each referral.
So, You get that payment back in commissions immediately!   Click Here
Please check out the video above 


The 1K Team...
Markets your link daily (UNTIL YOU EARN 1000/MO!
- Places paid people in your downline
- Helps you earn commissions
- Provides a complete marketing blueprint
- Provides a thriving Facebook group
- Provides webinars/team training sessions


First, let's be sure you have opened your account.

If you have not already done so, you will want Click Here and register for your
free 30 days trial account - 5 Figures Online - I Will Pay 4 You 4 Second Month! 
Keep on Reading:
1) After you have registered the system will send you a confirmation message.
Click the link in that message to confirm your enrollment.
2) Next, you will receive an email with your login instructions including
your username and password.
3) It is absolutely critical that you log in to your account and select the
option to become an Affiliate.  
4) You will now need to register from the Matrix Buster Program.
Log into your account, and go to "Affiliate Manager". ( to left)
From there you will find links to the Matrix Buster program.
5) -Must do this or I cannot upgrade you: Update your account profile, or I cannot upgrade your TW Account - must have payment information on file or we will not have commission paid, nor you or me.  
-How to do it? Login in the main panel look to your right for this tab: "View/Edit Account Profile"  Be sure to send this email to your referrals as well.  refer here http://www.trafficwave.net/members/actionteam47/affiliate.html for payment structure
6) After you have registered for Matrix Buster Program as an affiliate with the 30 days trial:
you will be elegible to be in the 1K TEAM rotator just Send Ben your TW affiliate link that look like this:
 http://www.trafficwave.net/members/xxxxxxx/affiliate.html where xxxxxxx is your TW username and ask him to add your ink to his rotator. [email protected]

I will be notified that you have registered, and will upgrade your Account to Active status
as soon as possible. 

Just email me if you want to be in my free co-op and I will send you our special TEAM link, the only requirements to remain in the co-op is to produce 400 to 500 hits weekly.

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 (TrafficWave accepts: Payza, Paypal, credit/debit card in case you chose your card - you will be paid via check.)

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Matrix Buster Overview

Matrix Buster is a powerful marketing approach for TrafficWave.net Affiliates to launch their income to new levels.

The Matrix Buster system is an aggressive method for building your TrafficWave.net business quickly.

The use of the Matrix Buster program requires a one-time (free) registration to let your team members (upline and downline) know that you are participating. 

Please read the Overview (below) and use the form at the bottom of the page to register. 

The Matrix Buster system is an aggressive method for building your TrafficWave.net business quickly. 

Using the Matrix Buster system means stepping up to the plate in a big way and building your organization quickly with paying and productive team members that have specifically requested to team up with you. 

The key to success with the Matrix Buster system is to use a little "trick of the trade" with the compensation plan to get you in profits faster than usual. 

In a nutshell, you agree to pay for the first month's upgrade for your new referrals. 


Because of our 100% Fast Track Bonus, you receive all of that upgrade money back as a Fast Track Bonus. So by spending $17.95 to upgrade your new referral, you get $17.95 in the form of your Fast Track Bonus. 

The deal you make with your new referral is that they will do the same. When they upgrade their own referrals, not only do they get the Fast Track Bonus on those referrals, but your organization begins to grow VERY quickly as more team members get involved. 

At first glance, it looks like you're just trading. But you are really building a massive team of paid Affiliates and that means you will be quickly earning a very large (and quickly growing) monthly income as your new referrals begin to duplicate this system of growth. 


Let's look at how the TrafficWave.net Compensation Plan pays: 

FAST TRACK BONUSES: Every time you personally refer a new Active sale, TrafficWave.net pays you a 100% Fast Track Bonus. 

This is why you can pay $17.95 to sponsor a new member. This money comes back to you as a Fast Track Bonus. 

MONTHLY RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS: Starting in the second month, you get paid $6 for each of the three people on your first level. 

This means you are actually in profit from this point forward. 

Because of the way Matrix Buster helps qualify you for the highest levels in the comp plan, you will be earning $1 on every other Active sale in your organization.
  • Level 1 holds 3 people and pays $18.00 (this covers your subscription)
  • Level 2 holds 9 people so that's another $9.00
  • Level 3 holds 27 people so that's another $27.00
  • Level 4 holds 81 people so that's another $81.00
  • Level 5 holds 243 people so that's another $243.00
  • Level 6 holds 729 people so that's another $729.00
  • Level 7 holds 2,187 people so that's another $2,187.00
  • Level 8 holds 6,562 people so that's another $6,562.00
  • Level 9 holds 19,683 people so that's another $19,683.00
  • Level 10 holds 59,409 people so that's another $59,409.00
LEADERSHIP BONUSES: Because you will be constantly referring new people each month, you will also be qualifying for the Leadership Bonus which comes to 50% of the Regular Commissions being earned by those you personally refer as a Tsunami. 

And because of the way this system works, your personally referred Affiliates will be earning very nice incomes! 

As an example, if one of your personally referred Affiliates is earning $1,000 in Regular Commissions for the month, you will be earning $500 in Leadership Bonuses! 10 of your personally referred Affiliates each earning $1,000 means another $5,000 for you in commissions for that month! 

So there you have it:
  • Fast Track Bonuses get your initial money back to you.
  • Regular Commissions put profits in your pockets.
  • Leadership Bonuses put INSANE profits in your pockets!

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