Welcome to Wealth4All Biography 

My Name is Danny Cianciulli CEO of Wealth4All TEAM Born in Italy April 30 1947

Achieved diploma as a Mechanic Technician in 1966 in the City of Naples Italy

Migrated to Switzerland in 1967 where I was employed with the local Mercedes Benz

Back to Italy in 1970 where from there I migrated to the US in Jan 11 1970, worked in construction with a unionized company; in the evening in a factory.

Back to Italy in December 1970 and got married on Jan 11 1971

Returned to the US in March 1971

I started a landscaping business that same year I expended to construction; I had employed 2 gardening crews with 3 men each cutting grass & one crew with 3 men including myself doing construction.

Became Born Again in August 8 1981

I bought a gas station and repair shop located in the central area of New Rochelle in January 1983. I employed 4 mechanics and 3 gas attendants operating 24 Hours until March 2005

I started a moving company in 2006 till 2008.

Started full time marketer also in 2006, before I was doing internet marketing part time with all my workers involved in clicking and advertising, what a joke.

Since the Lord saved me in 1981, I had a strong desire to help people; tried in many ways and lost a lot of money, and made also a lot of money; but it did not satisfy me in what I really want to do.

In 1985 - 1989 in conversations with the Lord on two occasions I received and accepted the title to be a VOICE for Him, never stopped to be a voice even though I went through many trials and testing, but through it all I confidently declare the Lord has been my help and strength.

I started a company named Voice in the Desert Inc, which now has changed its name to Wealth4allTeam Inc. I have done many things and failed many times, I met with Marianne Howard & Mike Clark in 2007 worked very well together never meet them in person for Marianne is in Binghamton NY and Mike in TX.

In September 2011 by God direction I meet with Jason Hall, Keith Nelson, Vivienne Russell, Pastor Richard Brantley and Victor Ronzulli this is to just to name a few, there are many others, today the advisory board of directors is composed of 15 members.

Our programmer is Keith Nelson with his assistant Al McKnight, the programmer for our social network.

We have added many other departments to ensure the longevity of the program they are all under the main assembled board. There are 2686 founders all doing their part in this program.

Today I stand before you and God to ensure the property and security of the program, as God's Bound Servant in Christ; I will not have peace till you are prosperous as your soul shall prosper also.

You may ask who owns the Company? Is this Company sustainable?

The answer is YES for three major reasons:

1st because is mathematically proven by 2 mathematicians an accountant and a 25 years banker who has put this pay plan together, his name is Victor Ronzulli.

2nd because this company is YOU, this company is run by the people, this is your own business under this RICH name Wealth4AllTeam Inc. please do not misuse it.

3rd there is one solo owner, he is the only one at the top, he rules supreme above all. We are all his servants and as servants we reap the benefits of the fatness, richness and blessedness of his Kingdom, his name is God who has given all to his Son Jesus the head of his Church and we are his inheritance.

I as a bound servant have been entrusted with all his people money and I will not rest till this company is working perfectly for all of you as he has instructed me; I boldly say this because of the man and women with much wisdom he has given me; believe me they are the ones who have put all what you see together. We ALL with God shall bring this company to the TOP!

I am amazed on all of you and I love you dearly, I am trilled on God who has given me this privilege to serve all of you after I had lost it all.

He has given me all of you as on inheritance, I know that this is true as many of you will believe me, and one day you shall be my crown before HIM in heaven.

111 Lockwood Ave Apt. 502
New Rochelle NY 10801

  The downfall of Wealth4All.com 

Unfortunately in 2013 the site was hacked and the company lost all the money, many members made a lot of money but many have lost money - ever since then I been searching for a reliable company to earn money and pay back who is owed but has been impossible to find a reliable one - one day a received an email from a 48 years veteran of the internet telling me that Ash Mufareh a top earner with GDI was lounging a company that it would be the last we need to join and never lose money again - you can view his profile Click Here -   Or if you wish I can send you Bitcoins to your account - I will PIF you In Click Here

Please any person that wealth4All owes money must send their info Name Last Name Email username and amount owed from w4a to [email protected]

and as God is my witness you will be paid back 10 fold the amount owed to you from w4a

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