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We have hit 420 plus members and we are growing VERY RAPIDLY. If you haven't upgraded yet. We urge you to do so quickly so you can earn a daily share of the revenue share.

Our main promotions say you do not need any referrals to earn with Passive Tron Profits. THIS IS 100% true. You can signup , deposit, fund and purchase an ad package from 10 tron to 1000 tron. Once you have done this, simple login and view 1 login ad each day.

Our system will calculate who logged in within the 24 hour pool and split 1% of each levels revenue share pool with those members.

Want to earn more? Of course you do!

Refer others and have them upgrade to each level you are upgraded to! What will you earn from this?

For direct referrals you will earn 50% matching bonus of what your direct referral earned for logging in that day.

So an example would be if you referred Sarah and she logged in and earned 0.50 Tron on day one, you would then earn 50% of that which would be 0.25 Tron.

Multiply this times 10 referrals or more down 5 levels and you are earning a nice daily income!

We have made it very simple to get your referrals upgraded quickly.
You can Pay it forward to them for level 1, which cost 10 Tron. That's less than $1.00.

If they login daily you have the opportunity to earn 150% of the PIF price you paid to get them started.

It is important to conact them and make sure they are committed to earning tron by simply logging in each day!

We have grown by 10 members already by the time this email has been finished :).


Have a great week

Dustin and Frank


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